Spring 2008 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Alexander, Lisa M.    The Political and Constitutional Implications of Disenfranchising the Homeless

Barcic, Nicole Joanne    Constitutional Debates: Is It Breathing?

Bex-Harry Blackmun, Ryne    Ideological Divergence from Warren Burger

Boivin, Kelsey    Anti-Poverty Non-Profit, Policy, and Civil Society

Bowman, Kristin L.    The Effectiveness of Domestic and International Environmental NGOs in Policy in China

Brumberg, John Raymond    Varied Voices: The American Founders and Their Conceptualizations of the Proper Relationship between Religion and Government

Coletta, Olivia D.    The Future of Warfare: An Evolving Threat

Corsi, LeeAnn M.    The Militarization of the Border and Undocumented Immigration: A Comparative Analysis

Damico, Kathryn    Keeping America’s Promise: An Analysis of the Military’s Disability Compensation and Benefits Systems

Garofola, Megan N.    Reforming the Federal Disaster Response System Using Hurricane Katrina as a Case Study

Gerring, Stephen F.    The Iraq End Game: A Historical Guide for Responsible Exit

Gershhorn, Neil McGee    The American Experience with Guest – Worker Programs: Analysis of Past and Current Policy Intiatives

Gray, Danielle    Crisis and Rebirth: A New Ethic for Public Health

Green, Jenna Patrice    The Death Penalty as Applied to the Mentally Retarded: An Interpretation of the National Consensus and Its Flaws

Handstad, Eric    The Iranian Nuclear Crisis and the Threat to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 

Hoc, Laura C.    Wartime Relation between the United States and Europe: The Iraq War’s Effect on Transatlantic Interactions

Kardos, John    The General Debacle: How Careerism is Jeopardizing the Integrity of the Military’s Leadership

Kosnac, Hillary S.    El sueno incomplete de El pais bajo mi piel: La retorica contra la practica de los derechos humanos en la Revolucion sandinista

LaPorte, Elizabeth M.    A Political Ménage a trio: The Republican Party, The Christian Right, and the Gay Rights Movement in America

Luciano, Blair A.    The Media Portrayal of Political Parties and the Effects on the Electorate

Machin, Nicoletta C.    A Two Party South: The Republican Reintroduction 

Mars, Lauren E.    From Brown to Parents Involved: The Supreme Court’s Evolving View on Race-Conscious Policies in K-12 Education

Mattock, Edward R.    Rising Income Inequality in the United States: What Should Be Done?

Mcarthy, Kate Elizabeth    Lessons Unlearned: What U.S. Leaders Failed to Learn from the British Occupation of Iraq from 1914 to 1958

Minto, Kelsey    The Second Amendment

Nagavelli, Pavan    John Yoo: An Ideological Examination of His Contributions to Executive Supremacy

Osei, Afua S.    The Criminalization of Black Male Sexuality: White Chastity, Nushawn Williams, and the Implications on the AIDS Epidemic in the Black Community 

Pemmekamp, Adriana M.    The Role of NGOs during the Third Wave of Democratization in Latin America: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic

Pennisi, Jessica    Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the Question of Separatism

Steigerwald, Joseph L.    A Political Analysis of the Use of Eminent Domain in America

Sullivan, Kelly E.    What Truly Made the Celtic Tiger Purr?

Swanekamp, Benjamin M.    Have Gun, Will Travel: The Rise of Private Military Firms in the Developing World

Tolomei, Joseph    Plurality and Power: Arendt’s Theory of Action and It’s Moral Discontents

Tylka, Michael John    The Structure of Metropolitan Government and Its Effects on Political Activity

Wozniak, Richard Edward    From Turf Wars to Terrorism: Reform in the U.S. Intelligence Community after 9/11