Spring 2009 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Beichner, Robert    Caught Between Two Worlds: An Examination of Barack Obama’s Self Presentation and Double Consciousness in Dreams from My Father

Best, Zachary    The Cheney Vice Presidency: A New Executive Model

Beyer, James The Stamp of Approval: The Legitimacy-Conferring Function of the Supreme Court During Partisan Realignment

Brost, Ian The Political Future of Cyprus

Crognale, Aubrey    In Support of Democratic Ideals in Africa Through Foreign Aid

Dennehy, Laura    An Examination of the Democratic Deficit within the EU and the Remedies the Lisbon Treaty Provides

Finch, Zachary    Relocalization and the Role of Social Entrepreneurs in Driving Social and Economic Change

Fink, Jennifer    Understanding Nonprofit Success: Utilizing CASA as a Modeal Through Which to Analyze Nonprofit Success

Foster, Elliott    Searching for Water in the Desert: Israel’s Struggle for Water Security and the Hydropolitics of the Middle East

Huang, Pu    The Functions of the Chinese Constitution

Johnson, Jessica    Chile and Argentina: Addressing Human Rights Abuses after the Transition to Democracy

Kuzell, Carolyn    Unveiling Discriminatory Politics

LeRoy, Kelly    Collective Forgetting of May 1968 in the Works of Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Locke, Katherine    A Matter of Trust: Analyzing Ukrainian Self-Determination in Light of Russian Political Ambititions

Mattison, Chrysanthemum    Is the Contemporary Philosophy and Design of Public Education What the Founding Fathers Envisioned for the Institution?

McDonald, Abigail    Interaction Between the British Media and Government Decision-making as a Reflection of Public Opinion

Minerd, Mitchell    Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Affirmative Action on the Wage Gap

Moore, Christopher    The Phenomenon of Federalism in the 1990’s: It’s Origin and Implications

Myer, Nathan    Framing the Iroquois Voice in World Politics

Niedoba, Dave    Independence, Autonomy, and the Shaping for the Appalachian Character

Rinsma, Steven    Venezuelan Exceptionalism: Idealization of a Flawed Democracy

Rooney, Michael    The Reproducibility of Community-Based Development Initiatives

Rozich, Grant    A World Without Grays: The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush

Sarafov, Ljubica    60 Years of Liberation – The Chinese Communist Part, Women and Politics

Schroeder, Wyatt    Presidential Nomination Reform and Party Strength in the Democratic Party since 1968

Shipitalo, Andrew    An Analysis of the Forces that Shape Images of China in the United States Media

Sperry, R. Benjamin    Robert Nozick, Individual Rights, and the State

Summers, Laura    Political Party System Change: Georgia – A Case Study

Townsend, Dylan    People’s Liberation Army Anti-Access Measures in the Taiwan Region: A Model Threat to United States’ Military Assets in 2020

Tifone, Jonathan    The Court of Public Opinion: My Case for Saving the Federal Judiciary

West, Stewart    Examining the Effects of Naturalization on the Political Participation and Integration of Mexican and Cuban Immigrants