Spring 2016 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Andrews, William: American Intervention in Nicaragua Through the Use of Hard and Soft Power

Belfiglio, David: A Dog and Pony Show: The Minuteman Civilian Border Patrols in a Postmodern Political Context

Clark, Zachary: America: Home of the Red and Blue: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Institutional and Psychological Constraints that Prevent a Multi-Party System

Dikec, Timur: The Effects of Race Salience on College Student Jury Members

George, Mallard: Targeting Our Fellow Americans: A Legal Analysis of Presidential War Power and the Supreme Court, and the Constitutionality of the Obama Administration’s Targeted Killing Program of U.S. Citizens Abroad

Hockenberry, Stormie: Welfare and the Christian Tradition: A Question of Hermeneutics

Kaigan-Kuykendall, Tory: Building the Foundation for Neoliberalism: An Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s Deployment of Myth

Kowalski, Tyler: Disaster Policy Review: How Preventative Policy Would Have Changed the Outcomes of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy

Leeper, Jesikah: When the Political becomes Personal: Examining the Gaps between Abstinence-Only Policy, Curriculum, and Reality

Lombard, Abigail: “Under Fire” Pennsylvania’s Volunteer Fire Departments and Post-World War II Social Change

MacDougall, Michael: Money for Nothing and Identities for Free: Independence Movements in Western European Democracies

McGowan, Brogan: Civil Society & Consultative Authoritarianism in China: Friends of Nature and the internet

Miller, Courtney: Addressing Inequality: An Assessment of the 2009 Chinese Health Care Reform

Olenick, Hannah: The Impact of Different Models of Integration: A Comparative Analysis of Assimilationist France and Multicultural Britain

Prince, Sloane: The Acquiescence of Torture: An Examination of Changing Interrogation Policy within the U.S. Army

Stoddart, Brenton: Challenging Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee (2010): The Application of the Principle of Noninterference of Rights to Better Challenge the Foundation of Supreme Court Rationale

Sugimoto, Masaya: The Effectiveness of Abe’s Security Laws in Overcoming Shortcomings of Japan’s National Security

Willison, Paul: How do mediator bias, conflict ripeness, and strategies for mediation implementation influence the success of mediated peace agreements?

Zegar, Allison: The Importance of Accountability in the Onset of Civil War: A Comparative Examination of Iran and Syria