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Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

“The Council on Undergraduate Research, founded in 1978, is a national organization of individual and institutional members representing over 900 colleges and universities.” It’s mission “is to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.”

Allegheny College has an enhanced institutional membership, which allows all Allegheny faculty members, administrators, students and staff  to join CUR, as individual members, at no additional cost to the individual. Link to individual membership form.

Below are a list of CUR resources:

Great Lakes College Association (GLCA)

In 2013, as a result of a Council on Undergraduate Research – GLCA workshop, the GLCA formed an undergraduate research advisory board consisting of a faculty member from each school, usually the URSCA director.  The advisory board was formed to share best practices on undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities (URSCA).  In 2014 the advisory board developed a GLCA grant proposal to develop webinars where information on URSCA could be shared and archived.  Below are links to the summaries of the webinars that were developed, including a list of references, and a link to the archived webinars.


The Teagle Foundation