ACRoSS 2019

The summer 2019 season of ACRoSS is the 10th anniversary of this programming! This year, ACRoSS runs from June 4th to August 6th.  At each weekly meeting, students will present short overviews of their specific summer projects (e.g., question of interest, methods of inquiry, anticipated results or applications, etc.) to an audience of students, faculty, staff, administrators, community members, and prospective students and their families. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM in the Tippie Alumni Center’s Tillotson room. Lunch is provided courtesy of funds furnished by the URSCA office. Open to the all of the Allegheny College and Meadville Community.

ACRoSS 2019 Schedule

Tues, June 4, 2019

Welcome Lunch. Meet other students working on campus this summer and learn about URSCA summer programming, as well as Gateway, Learning Commons, and Library services. Plus, we celebrate 10 years of ACRoSS with cake!

Tues, June 11, 2019

Ian McKeown ’19 (GHS & English) and Kierstin Faw ’21 (GHS major)
Mentor: Becky Dawson, Global Health Studies and Biology
Title: Cancer Screening & Prevention — Assessing Community Needs in Crawford County

Katie O’Kelley ’20 (Psychology)
Mentor: Eleanor Weisman, Dance & Movement Studies
Title: Dance & Movement Therapy Resources

Rachel Leech ’21 (Biochemistry) and Lizzie Schumacher ’20 (Biochemistry)
Mentor: Alice Deckert, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Title: Chemistry in 2D for Biosensor Applications

Tues, June 18, 2019

Madeleine Stauffer ’20 and Nicole Popp ’20
Mentor: Lauren French, Biology and Neuroscience
Title: Ion Channels, Drugs and Alzheimer’s disease, Oh My!

Michelle Raymond ’21 (Biochemistry), Amanda Diloreto ’20 (Biochemistry), Kathryn Sutter ’20 (Biochemistry), Katelyn Perroz ’20 (Biochemistry)
Mentor: Ivelitza Garcia, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Title: The opening and closing of a DEAD-box mystery

Francesca Balest ’21 (Psychology) Elijah Morsha-Taylor ’20 (Psychology & Music), Darrin Smock ’20 (Psychology), Kara Travers ’21 (Psychology)
Mentors: M. Soledad Caballero (English & WGSS) and Aimee Knupsky (Psychology)
Title: What are the Cognitive Humanities?

Tues, June 25, 2019

Adam Cook ’21 (Biology & Computer Science) and Julie Cepec ’21 (Biology)
Mentor: Yee Mon Thu, Biology
Title: Understanding Cellular Responses to Genome Stability

Olivia Blakeslee ’21 (English)
Mentor: Ben Slote, English
Title: Reading Wendell Berry’s Audience

Keith Ziss
Mentor: Harald Ellers, Mathematics
Title: Algebraic Analysis of Symmetry

Alexander Weeks
Mentor: Emily Yochim, Communication Arts
Title: Exploring Possibilities for a Community Museum of Science, Industry, and Culture

Tues, July 2, 2019

Rosetta Shephard ’20 (Biology) and Jared Jordan ’20 (Biology & Environmental Science)
Mentor: Lisa Whitenack, Biology
Title: The Bite Stuff: Shark Teeth & Gar Heads

Olivia O’Neill ’21 (Theatre)
Mentor: Beth Watkins, Communication Arts: Theatre
Title: Dramaturgy in B. Jacobs-Jenkins’ Everybody

Sharlyne Cabral ’20 (English), Autumn Foreman ’21 (History & English), KiaJah Rhodes ’22 (English)
Mentor: Jennifer Hellwarth, English and WGSS
Tentative Title: Sexual Healing in Medieval Europe and the Middle East

Tues, July 9, 2019

Yiyan Kuang ’20, Max Boshaw ’22, and James Scarborough ’21
Mentor: James Lombardi, Physics
Title: When Stars Collide

Josephine Hughes ’22 (Psychology)
Mentor: Monali Chowdhury, Psychology
Title: Mental Health Literacy and Attitudes Towards Seeking Help

Jacob Sutter ’20 (Music & Computer Science)
Mentor: Doug Jurs, Music
Title: Running Dog: A New Website Dedicated to a Forgotten Composer

Kurtis Tucci ‘20 (Geology), Zach Cole ‘20 (Geology & Computer Science), and Jacob McCloskey ‘21(Geology)
Mentor: Katie Tamulonis, Geology
Title: Appalachian Basin Geology: From Marine to Glacial Deposits

 Tues, July 16, 2019

Maximus Levinsky
Mentor: Adrienne Krone, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Title: Examinations of Religiosity Measures Used in Social Science

Graham Johnson ’20 (Environmental Science and Sustainability) and Ethan Lehmann ’20 (Environmental Science and Sustainability)
Mentor: Ian Carbone, Environmental Science and Sustainability
Title: Energy Efficiency with Stakeholders in the Meadville Community

Cassidy Graham
Mentor: Jen Foreman, Psychology and Education Studies
Title: Local Stakeholder Responses to Opioid Use

 Tues, July 23, 2019

Erin Hartwiger ’21 (International Studies & French)
Mentor: Brian Miller (International Studies and History) and Laura Reeck (French and International Studies)
Title: Migrant Stories: A Digital Humanities Project

Hunter Pietrzycki ’21 (Psychology)
Mentor: Jen Foreman, Psychology and Education Studies
Title: Applying Cognitive Neuroscience to Adolescent Learning in High Schools

Claire Johns ’22 (Computer Science)
Mentor: Janyl Jumadinova (Computer Science)
Title: Multi-Robot Task Coordination

Tues, July 30 2019

Leah Sulecki
Mentor: Susan Slote, Education Studies
Title: Education Methods & Design: Best Practices in the Liberal Arts

Sweta Rauniyar
Mentor: Oliver Bonham-Carter (Computer Science)
Title: A Profiling Method for the Early Detection of Disease

McClaren Rodriguez ’20 (Global Health Studies)
Mentor: Becky Dawson (Global Health Studies, Biology)
Title: Measles, Measles EVERYWHERE: An Investigation into the Amish, Their Beliefs, and the Connection to the Current Measles Outbreak

Tues, August 6 2019

Kaitlin Franzen ’20 (International Studies)
Mentor: Lucinda Morgan, International Education (Gateway)
Title: Is it Truly Over?: Examining the Post Study Away Experience

Katelynn Frawley ’20 (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & Philosophy)
Mentor: Nicole Gross-Camp, Environmental Science and Sustainability
Title: Developing the MAPP (Meadville Area Parks Program)

Tanner Kolb ’21 (Undeclared)
Mentor: Ishita Sinha Roy, Communication Arts
Title: Necropolitics, Dark Tourism and the Commodification of Pain