ACRoSS 2009

During the second year of the ACRoSS seminar series we had 34 students and 14 faculty from nine departments and programs (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Neuroscience, Physics, and Psychology) present their summer research projects to an audience of faculty, students, and administrators.

ACRoSS 2009 Schedule

June 16 , 2009

Allison Hensler ’11 (Biology), Jessica Kenemuth ’10 (Neuroscience) and E. Lee Coates (Biology and Neuroscience)
Olfactory CO2 Chemoreceptors: Breathing, SIDS, and How You Smell?

June 23 , 2009

Keith Beach ’11 (Chemistry and German), Bob Knarr ’10 (Biochemistry), Michael McCann ’12 (Biochemistry), Greg Merz ’10 (Chemistry and Economics)
and Marty Serra (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
RNA: DNA’s Cousin

July 1, 2009

Katie Conway ’11 (Neuroscience) and Lauren French (Biology and Neuroscience)
Conotoxins and the Path to Drug Discovery

Sandra Wayman ’10 (Environmental Science)
The Secret Underground Life of Switchgrass

July 7, 2009

Will Plaut ’10 (Computer Science), Maja Sweeny ’09 (Art) and Matt Jadud (Computer Science)
Open Hardware for Teaching and Research: Day One

Tim Fullam ’10 (Neuroscience)
Effect of the Downregulation Within the CNS of cdk5 or its Regulator, p35, on Neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogaster

July 14, 2009

Stephen Shinsky ’11 (Biology), Molly Hanlon ’09 (Biochemistry) Catharina Coenen (Biology and Biochemistry)
Role of the Plant Hormone Auxin

Simon Kohnstamm ’10 (Physics), Brian Chiang ’10 (Physics and Chemistry), and Adele Poynor (Physics)
Surface Plasmon Resonance

July 21, 2009

Erin Resetar ’11 (Biochemistry), Noah Snyder ’10 (Biochemistry & Neuroscience) and Doros Petasis (Physics and Biochemistry)
Spectroscopic Studies of Metalloproteins

Zachory Saylor ’11 (Biology), Blair Gleeson ’10 (Biology), Aleksas Nerone ’11 (Biology) and Tricia Humphreys (Biology and Biochemistry)
Chancroid: The STD Nobody’s Heard Of

July 28, 2009

Andrew Pfeifer ’10 (Environmental Sciences), Sam Elliot ’11 (Environmental Sciences), Brendan O’Leary ’11 (Environmental Sciences and Geology), and Jennifer DeHart (Environmental Science)
Local Climate Action: The City of Meadville’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan

Radu Creanga and Bob Roos (Computer Science)
Point of Interest along the Santa Fe Ant Trail

Aug 4, 2009

Michael Albring ’11 (Biochemistry) and Ivy Garcia (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Understanding DEAD-box RNA binding Proteins

Audra Sinclair ’10 (Chemistry) and Chris Lang ’10 (Chemistry)
The Speed of Life: Studying Biological Processes on the Tenth of a Second Time Scale

Michael Richter ’10 (Biochemistry) and Margaret Nelson (Biology and Biochemistry)
Keeping Things in Proportion – Cell Fate Decisions in Dictyostelium discoideum

Aug 11, 2009

John Mahalchak ’10 (Psychology), Julia Harris ’11 (Neuroscience and Psychology), and Aimee Knupsky (Psychology and Neuroscience)
The Influence of Auditorily Presented Context on the Variability in Search Patterns of Visual Scenes

Melissa Millerschoen ’10 (Neuroscience), Christopher Wagner ’10 (Environmental Science), Gail Raspanti ’10 (Environmental Science), Katie Huser ’11 (Environmental Science) and Caryl Waggett (Environmental Sciences)
The Science of a Healthy Home: Research to Reduce Childhood Illnesses that Originate in the Home Environment