ACRoSS 2010

During the third summer of the ACRoSS seminar series we had 40 students and 16 faculty from nine departments and programs (Art, Biology, BioChemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Neuroscience, and Psychology) present their research projects to an audience of faculty, students, and administrators.

ACRoSS 2010 Schedule

Tues, June 15, 2010

Michael McCann (Biochemistry ’12), Nate Lutrell (Biochemistry ’11) and Professor Marty Serra (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
A Thermodynamic and Structural Analysis of RNA: Group II Single Nucleotide Bulge Loops

Mark Kirk (Biology ’11), Cameron Eddy (Biology ’11) and Professor Scott Wissinger (Biology and Environmental Science)
Causes & Consequences of Long-Term Fluctuations in the Density of A Top Predator in Alpine Ponds.

Tues, June 22 , 2010

Teresa Bensel (Studio Art ’12), Emma Cook (ES ’12), Cynthia Lee (Studio Art ’12), Matt Reilly (Art & Technology ’11), Gretchen Wood (ES studies ’12) and Professor Amara Geffen (Art) CEED Arts & Environment Initiative: Summer Projects 2010

Chris Blackstone (Chemistry, ’11), Serenity McCarthy-Arnone (Chemistry, ’11), Zach Norris (Biochemistry, ’12) and Professor Alice Deckert (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Understanding the Kinetics of DNA and RNA Renaturation.

Tues, June 29, 2010

Sean Unice (Biology ’11), Katie Conway (Neuroscience ’11) and Professor Lauren French (Biology and Neuroscience)
Investigations of trafficking and neuropharmacology of ion channels.

Emma Helverson (ES ’11) and Sarah Wurzbacher (ES ’11) and Professor Rich Bowden (Environmental Science)
Do Long-Term Atmospheric Nitrogen Inputs Change Root Systems and Soil Carbon in Temperate Forests of the Eastern United States?

Chris Plano (ES ’12) and Professor Rich Bowden (Environmental Science)
Variability of ash and CNS content among 12 switchgrass cultivars and standing and baled Shawnee

Tues, July 6, 2010

Christopher Daczkowski (Chemistry ’12) and Professor Mark Ams (Chemistry)
Precipitons: A New Purification Strategy for Organic Synthesis

Ashley Brandebura (Neuroscience ’11) and Professor Rodney Clark (Psychology and Neuroscience)
Modulation of Immune function by Pavlovian Conditioning in the Rat

Tues, July 13, 2010

Ian Armstrong (Biochemistry ’12), Stephanie Cost (Art ’11), Radu Creanga (Computer Science ’11), Sara Doan (Computer Science ’11), Drew Pirrone-Brusse (Storytelling in Emerging Media ’10), Anthony Smith (Computer Science ’12) and Professor Matt Jadud (Computer Science)
Flying Gators and Stick Figure Armies

Jeremy Mason (Chemistry, ’13) and Professor Shaun Murphree (Chemistry)
Little Waves, Big Impact: Better Chemistry Through Microwaves

Tues, July 20, 2010

Amanda Schaupp (Biology, ‘11), Kirsten Guckes (Biology, ‘12), Zach Lindeman (Biology, ’11) and Professor Brad Hersh (Biology)
Mind the Gap (Junction) and Other Adventures in Fly-land

Wed, July 28, 2010

Shawn Dumbroski (Biochemistry, ’11), Sid Facaros (Biology, ’11) and Professor Ann Kleinschmidt (Biology and Biochemistry)
The Plant Peroxidase Puzzle

Sarena Ferguson (Biology, ’12) and Professor Lisa Whitenack (Biology)
Sarena – Oliva: A Species in Identity Crisis      Lisa – Of Sharks, Crabs, and Snails: Shape and the Fossil Record

Tues, Aug 3, 2010

Aleksas Nerone (Biology ’11), Zac Saylor (Biology ’11), Erin Nawrocki (Biology ’13) and Professor Tricia Humphreys (Biology)
Three Short Stories About Chancroid

Radu Creanga (Comp Sci, ’11), Jonathan M. Kauffman (Comp Sci, ’11), William J. Yaworsky (Comp Sci, ’11) and Professor Bob Cupper (Computer Science)
The XInteract System: A Software Development Project

Tues, Aug 10, 2010

John Stewart (Geology ’11), Erin Birsic (Geology ’12) and Professor Ron Cole (Geology)
Collisional magmatism in the Alaska Range suture zone, northern Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska