American Studies

American Studies is an interdivisional minor grounded in the literature, history, and politics of the United States. It examines the range and diversity of American experiences, identities, and communities. From interdisciplinary perspectives, students study social, political, economic, and cultural processes within the United States as well as explore the role of the nation in a global context. In addition to literature, history, and politics students may choose to explore possible connections in communication arts, theatre, economics, art, religion, philosophy, women’s gender, & sexuality studies, and environmental studies.

The minor requires a minimum of 24 semester credit hours. At least two courses in the minor must be at the 300 level or higher and students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in the minor. The minor requires: two American Studies core courses; one Power and Difference core course; and three additional approved electives, including a second Power and Difference course. Courses meeting the Power and Difference requirement are marked (*) in the list below.

When appropriate, other courses — for example, Special Topics courses in relevant subjects — may be substituted for approved electives. All substitutions of alternatives for approved courses must be approved by the minor coordinator, and students must discuss and potential course substitutions prior to enrolling in the course. Because this minor is interdivisional, students may complete any major to satisfy the college requirement that the major and minor be in different divisions. Students should be aware, however, they still must complete eight credits in each other divisions of the College to complete the College distribution requirement on page eight.

The American Studies program strongly encourages study away from campus within the United States and abroad. Credit bearing study away programs may count for credit towards the minor at the discretion of the coordinator.

Minors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to support their academic interests in American Studies with community-based research, internships, CPP programming activities, and Robert H. Jackson Center projects, among others.