The History Department

The study of history helps us to understand the differences and similarities between our own lives, thought, and habits and those of a variety of past and present cultures. It allows us to understand other people better through seeing them in their own contexts, and to understand ourselves through serious self-reflection. We treat history as an interpretive endeavor, investigating from various points of view the ways in which individuals and social groups have sought to order and understand their world across time. As a department, we strive to provide wisdom in particular historical fields, and to assist our students in the development of conceptual skills, critical analysis, research competence, writing fluency, and sophistication in the uses and abuses of knowledge.

Outside the Classroom:

“During my time as a student in the History Department I learned so much more than simply topics and dates outlined on a syllabus. I was taught necessary critical thinking, writing, and research skills that I use in my professional life on a daily basis, and that I am confident played a large role in my securing employment so quickly after graduation. These abilities could not have been developed without the dedicated faculty, who truly go above and beyond to ensure that students not only have a firm grasp on class material, but also feel free to use them as a resource for advice on broader career goals. My experience as a history major and, more specifically, with Allegheny's Department of History has proven to be an invaluable asset to me, as I am sure it will be to many in the future.”

—Kathleen Creehan ‘12, Domestic Program Assistant, Catholics for Choice