The History Department

History at Allegheny is treated as a humane rather than a scientific discipline, emphasizing less the accumulation of data than the investigation, from various points of view of those ideas and institutions—political, religious, cultural, social, economic—by which people have endeavored to order their world. We believe that the study of history helps us to understand the differences and similarities between our own lives, thoughts, and habits and those of past cultures. It allows us to understand other people better through seeing them in their own contexts. Historical studies at Allegheny also assist in the development of conceptual skills, analysis, library research competence, writing fluency, and sophistication in the uses and abuses of knowledge.

The History Department offers a major and a general minor, as well as special minors in American, European, and non-Western history:


Minimum of 46 semester credit hours (typically 11-12 courses) in the department distributed as follows: one course each in European history, American history and non-Western history, the Junior Seminar and the Senior Project, as well as at least four upper-level electives.

Double and student-designed majors are encouraged.


The department offers a general minor as well as specialized minors in the fields of European, American, and non-Western History. A minimum of 20 semester hours (5 courses) in history, including the Junior Seminar, and at least eight semester hours at or above the 300-level.