Honors & Prizes

The Department of History annually awards the Don M. Larrabee Prize and the Harold Huntley Haine Prize to the authors of outstanding senior thesis. The Haine Prize recognizes excellence in American history. The Larrabee Prize rewards the best senior thesis written in an academic year.

The recipient of the Outstanding Junior Major Prize is selected on the basis of History GPA and involvement in the History Program at Allegheny College.

Prize winners are announced at the annual Honors Convocation in the spring of each academic year.

Don M. Larrabee History Prize

For the best senior thesis in History:

2019 Alex J. Weidenhof
2018 Christopher E. Brindle
2017 Eric D. Brill and Laura F. Cooper
2016 Stephanie E. Engel
2015 Cecilia M. Bruni
2014 Bridget K. Hubbard
2014 Rachel M. Moore
2013 Brennan T. Hamilton
2012 Courtney E. Rice and Margaret A. Topel
2011 Katelyn M. Dornburg
2010 J. P. Hendrickson and Ashton S. Kinney
2009 Amy L. Negley
2008 Crystal L. Ptacek
2007 Matthew R. Kissling
2006 Thaddeus R. Rupp
2005 Jenna C. Nigro
2004 David J. DeVenney
2003 Melissa F. McCrimmon
2002 Andrew P. Desbrow
2001 Robert A. Bain II

Harold Huntley Haine Prize in History

To a senior history major who has demonstrated both academic promise and performance in the field of History:

2019 Dean R. Phillips
2018 Madeline L. Hernstrom-Hill
2017 Victoria A. VanVleet and Robinson F. Whitaker
2016 Maya E. Metzger
2015 Scott A. Keefer
2014 Sarah M. Lerch
2013 Abigail I. Kmiecinski
2012 Emily R. Benner and Forrest M. Smith
2011 Bryan D. Sciulli and Nicholas A. Zapadka
2010 Nicole E. Fuhrman
2009 Sean M. Jozwiak and James C. McHolme
2008 Kimberley A. Luperi
2007 Benjamin R. Mourer
2006 Matthew A. LeBold
2005 Christopher F. Caldwell and Sarah G. Johnston
2004 Rachel M. Brehm
2003 Ryan J. Durst and Nathan L. Robinson
2002 Barbara R. Eklund and Lauren S. Guehl
2001 Erin M. Black

Outstanding Junior Major Prize

Awarded for exceptional academic achievement, performance in the seminar, and contribution to the general life of the department:

2019 Robin K. Laurinec and Henry D. Sutter
2018 Maria E. Graziano
2017 Madeline L. Hernstrom-Hill
2016 Laura F. Cooper
2015 Abigail L. Lombard
2014 Cecilia M. Bruni
2014 Jessica L. Gruber
2013 Abby W. Beerman
2012 Abigail I. Kmiecinski
2011 Elizabeth P. Keene
2010 Lindsey M. DiLoreto
2009 Nicole E. Fuhrman
2008 Amy L. Negley
2007 S. Curt Anderson
2006 Laura G. Johnson
2005 Christian B. Gass
2004 Sarah G. Johnston
2003 Jason A. Betts
2002 Stephanie N. Petrella