Alumni Council

Introduction to the Alumni Council

In 1990, a small group of loyal, active alumni, in concert with the College Administration, began the process of restructuring the Alumni Association. Both alumni and Administration recognized the importance of a vital alumni organization to the growth and strength of the College. The results of those efforts are seen in the current Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Council is a self-governing, self-perpetuating body drawn from the members of the Allegheny Alumni Association. The principal purpose of the Alumni Council is to strengthen the bond between alumni and Allegheny College, its students, faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees. In all its programs, the Council shall represent with equality and fairness the interests of all Alleghenians without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, gender, age, or disability. The Council encourages the participation of all alumni in its programs and activities on an equal basis.

The Alumni Council shall have full power to conduct, manage and direct the business and affairs of the Alumni Association. All powers of the Alumni Association are granted to and vested in the Alumni Council.

Alumni Council Members

Alumni Council Bylaws