COVID-19 Protocols

Last updated February 22, 2022

As we prepare to welcome you and other Reunion celebrants back to campus for Reunion Weekend 2022, we have worked with the Allegheny College Health Agency to develop COVID-19 protocols and policies that will allow as “normal” of a reunion experience as possible while also offering a safe environment for you, your guests, and our students and staff who will be on campus during that time. This very knowledgeable and thoughtful group of experts has guided our campus through the development of policies and plans that have kept our community safe and healthy, allowing students to study in person during this last year and a half with minimal disruption and few positive COVID-19 cases.

For Reunion Weekend 2022, we will require proof of vaccination and COVID-19 rapid tests upon arrival (at no charge) for all attendees. We hope that these protocols will be met with the understanding that the health and safety of our alumni, guests and campus community is our greatest priority, and that we want Reunion to be as joyful and worry-free as possible for everyone.

You may have questions about these policies; we invite you to review the FAQs listed below. If you have additional questions, please email us at


What is the rationale behind the COVID-19 policies? It is our goal to provide as “normal” and joyful a reunion experience as possible, including opportunities to dine together and share laughs and memories unmasked, indoors or out. To achieve this, the College requires that all Reunion Weekend attendees provide proof of vaccination and receive a COVID-19 rapid test upon arrival. Our students have been able to enjoy similar experiences this academic year, thanks to our vaccination requirement and an aggressive testing policy that allowed asymptomatic/minimally symptomatic cases to be detected early, preventing further spread.

Will the booster be required? No, the booster will not be required to attend Reunion Weekend.

What if I recently had COVID-19, and therefore have natural immunity. Would I be able to attend without a vaccination and testing? Yes, we will accept proof of a positive COVID-19 test within 60 days of the conclusion of the event (June 5) in lieu of vaccination and testing.

What happens if I test positive when I arrive? Those who arrive with asymptomatic COVID-19 will receive a full refund for prepaid campus housing, meals or activities. If the attendee is unable to return home, the College will assist in finding a safe place to isolate at the attendee’s expense. Those concerned about traveling from a distance are encouraged to seek testing before they depart.

Why is testing necessary? The vaccine helps provide immunity to the recipient, thus decreasing morbidity and mortality, as well as decreasing the spread of asymptomatic COVID-19 to others. The vaccine however does not eliminate the spread of asymptomatic COVID-19. Testing is necessary to screen and identify such cases to prevent our asymptomatic/minimally symptomatic guests from infecting other guests, students and community members.

What will the masking policy be? For most reunion activities, masking will not be required. Masks will be available to our guests to wear as they feel comfortable. Choir members will be required to wear a mask for all rehearsals, the Saturday performance, and the optional Sunday Service of Remembrance. We will have high-quality masks appropriate for singing available for anyone who doesn’t have one already.

How will this policy affect my ability to bring my children to the event? At this time, children under the age of 5 are unable to receive the vaccine, and therefore, unfortunately, are not permitted to attend Reunion. Children aged 5 and older fall under Reunion Weekend COVID-19 protocols and will need proof of vaccination and a rapid test upon arrival to campus.