Aquaponics & Sustainability


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Introduction Presentation

Aquaponics & Sustainability Activities

Aquaponics Creek Geek Knowledgy
Students will participate in a jeopardy-like game about aquaponics.

Community Water Consumers
Students learn how different stakeholders in their community draw on a common water source.

Students will be able to experience composting and relate it to aquaponics.

Demanding Water
Students will distinguish between direct and indirect water uses, illustrate interconnectedness of water users in a community, and demonstrate the complexity of resolving water shortages.

Drop In A Bucket
By estimating and calculating the percent of available fresh water on Earth students understand that this resource is limited and must be conserved.  Water Availability Table

How Aquaponics Makes Plants Grow
Students develop their own aquaponics system with the provided module resources.

It All Starts with A
Students will be asked to form a survey about aquaponics and sustainability.

Nature’s Filter
Students learn how aquatic ecosystems provide important ecosystem services.

Only a Drop to Drink
Student learn how water is a precious resource and how many daily activities draw on its limited stock.

Ponics Puzzle 
Students complete a maze and associated worksheet to demonstrate the cycle in an aquaponics system.  Ponics Puzzle Worksheet

Seed Germination
Students will be able to germinate and track the growth of their seeds.  Seed Germination Experiment.  Seed Germination Handouts

Waste to Energy
Students will discuss ways waste can equal energy.  After that they will relate it to aquaponics.

Water Purifiers
Students create a model to show the purification process involved in water treatment, and then discuss the role that ecosystems play in this process.

Water Quality
Students will be able to evaluate the water quality parameters necessary for tilapia to survive.  Water Quality Charts.  What’s Wrong with our Fish Worksheet.  Crossword Puzzle.  Aquaponics Quiz

Aquaponics and Sustainability Articles

Alternative Ag Adventures – Aquaponics
Backyard Aquaponics
Cradle to Cradle -The Next Packaging Paradigm
Eating Oil
Evolution of Aquaponics
Introduction to the Cradle to Cradle Design Framework
On-Farm Food Safety
Sustainability Pamphlet

Aquaponics and Sustainability – PA Common Core Standards

English Language Arts 6 – 12
English Language Arts Pre K – 5
Mathematics Pre K – 12
Reading in Science and Technical Subjects 6 – 12
Writing in Science and Technical Subjects 6 – 12


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