Basic Water Chemistry

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Module Resource Guide Information Sections

  • General Sampling Information – Instructions on how to collect water samples, what equipment is needed, how to distribute jobs to various students, what tests can be done in the field, which in a laboratory, safety information, and scientific protocols.
  • Data Sheets – Easy to use data sheets specific for the chemical kits in the modules.
  • Instruction Sheets – Clear instructions are enclosed for each piece of equipment found in the watershed activity module (from the bailer to the test kits). If used, testing results have a better chance of being accurate.
  • Information Sheets – For each chemical parameter that can be tested using module equipment, a background information sheet can be found about it. Great to use as student preparation or for research background.
  • Fact Sheets – In outline form and more visual than the information sheets, these highlight key concepts for each of the chemical parameters. Great to use with the test kits – have students read them over during breaks in the test kit procedures. Great for handouts in the classroom or visual aids.
  • Articles of Interest – About water parameters or chemical testing of waterways in general.
  • Data Analysis Information – For teachers that want their students to graph, interpret, analyze data, this section is helpful. It outlines parameter relationships and the effects on water quality that can be investigated.
  • General Activity Information – A list of module activities and an explanation of the activity format (layout).
  • Activities – Specific to the water chemistry theme, these are activities that can be used in the classroom and/or field. Some address specific water parameters, some are more general.
  • Bibliography – Sources from which module information was obtained. Resources that you can find for further investigations.

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