Drinking Water

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Only a Drop to Drink On Earth

Students demonstrate water distribution on Earth – the relative volumes of salt water and freshwater – and learn how very little is available for human use.

Water Meter Monitoring
Students discover the amount of their water usage at home and school.

Money Down The Drain
Students investigate why wasting water is both economically and environmentally costly.
Difficult Worksheet     Easy Worksheet

Search for the Epidemic Source
Students solve a mysterious water-related epidemic and learn about water-borne illnesses.
Water Treatment and Cholera Background Information,  Clue & Victim CardsBroad Street Map

Bacteria Testing of Drinking Water
Students test drinking water and surface waters for bacteria and learn about other waterborne microorganisms.
Water Microorganism Illness Exercise, email creek@allegheny.edu for answer key, How to Collect a Drinking Water SampleColiscan Colliform Test InstructionsColiscan Easygel InstructionsColiscan Easygel Color GuideColiscan Water Monitoring Data SheetHach Paddle Tester Instructions

Chemical Testing of Drinking Water
Students will conduct chemical tests associated with drinking water and compare various sources of drinking water. Data Sheet

Create A Bottled Water Label
To creatively record your results of the chemical tests.

Hardness Comparisons
Students will conduct hardness tests on various water samples, including rain, surface, spring, groundwater, and distilled water.

Hardness Evidence Hunt
Students will investigate the consequences of having hard water through an interactive lecture and/or worksheet.

Module Resource Guide Information


Instruction Sheets
Enclosed are clear instructions on how to use each piece of equipment found in the watershed activity module (chemistry tests, bacteria kits, even the Brita Filter).   How to Collect Drinking Water Sample may be important to review for those doing bacteria testing.

Safety Sheets
Material Data Safety Sheets are in this section for the chemicals in the Hach test kits.

Fact Sheet Series A series of fact sheets produced by Creek Connection on various drinking water topics.  They include:  water usage, sources of drinking water, treatment, pollution, pollutants, water hardness, water appearance and taste, water quality standards, ways to conserve.

Information on Chemical Parameters
Background information, factsheets, and articles about hardness, nitrates, chlorine, iron, and other chemical parameters associated with drinking water.

Information on Bacteria and other Waterborne Microorganisms
Background information, factsheets, and articles about waterborne microorganisms, how to sample for them, and some of the illnesses that they cause.  This section includes Waterborne Microorganism Information Sheets for some of the more common microorganisms.

Information on Water Conservation
Background information, factsheets, and articles about water conservation.

General Activity Information
A list of module activities and an explanation of the activity format (layout).

Specific to the drinking water theme, these are activities that can be used in the classroom and/or laboratory. They address drinking water usage, treatment, conservation, pollutants, chemical parameters, microorganisms, and social issues.


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