Reptiles and Amphibians


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Bullfrog Race Quiz
– The leader of the activity will ask questions based on the laminated handouts that the students are provided. Each group will write down their answer after 1-2 minutes of time to look over their sheets. The leader will reveal the correct answer, and briefly discuss the topic involved.

Reptile and Amphibian Match Game
– Students will match the illustrations of the reptile or amphibian with the correct name on a game board. This activity can be used as a review of identifying reptiles and amphibians after a real stream study has been conducted, or used as a preview to what students will find in a stream. This activity also incorporates the skill of using a dichotomous key.

Classify Me! 
– Students place pictures of animals under the correct category based on characteristics of the animal. Students will learn the basic terminology of a herpetologist and the characteristics of reptiles and amphibians. Activity Poster. Animal Pictures.

Web of Life
– Students research organisms in an aquatic food web, make a living food web by linking themselves with yarn, learning their organism’s role in the ecosystem.

Module Resource Guide Information

Beautiful Bufo
Handout includes information about toad species in the area and also dispels common myths.

Frog and Toad Metamorphosis
Describes the reproductive cycle of frogs and toads and the stages of development from tadpole to adult.

Salamander Secrets
Longer article on the many species of salamanders found in Pennsylvania, their habits, and the habitats they require. Also includes a brief article on the red spotted newt and the reproductive cycle of salamanders.

Seeing Spots – The Northern Leopard Frog
Information concerning the plight of the northern leopard frog and also detailing the worldwide decline of amphibians due to acid rain, habitat loss, ozone depletion, and other causes

Bog Turtles – Slipping Away
An important article describing the recent plight of one of our native species of turtle, the bog turtle, and what is needed to keep the species around. Also includes a second article about bog turtles entitled “Bog Turtle Blues”.

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