Water Pollution




Name That Source
· Generate a list of pollution sources and then compete in teams to determine if a photo shows a point or nonpoint source of pollution.
Presentation available here in GoogleDocs format

Parts Per Million
· Observe a dilution demonstration to understand the concept of parts per million (ppm).

Pollution Limbo
· Play a Limbo game in which you examine various human actions and decide the effects of those actions on water quality.

Pollution PI
· Use clues about water quality and your knowledge of the connections between different land uses and water pollution to determine the location of mystery collection stations on a map.  Documents to project: Map, Data Table, Map Key, Data Table Key

Riverfront Property
· “Develop” a piece of riverfront property and consider the effects of that land use on water quality. Then devise “Best Management Practices” to reduce the negative impact of that land use on the waterway. Land Uses to project for students to chose from.

Acid Rain Effects
· Become either an aquatic organism or surface water in this three part simulation and discover the effects of acid rain on aquatic organisms in lakes with and without limestone buffers.

Is There AMD In This Stream?
· Collect and count organisms from two simulated streams – one healthy and one affected by abandoned mine drainage (AMD). Use biomonitoring techniques to determine the health of each stream and explore the cause of the orange color in one of the streams. Click here to get presentation of 5 photos of streams affected by AMD 

Iron Investigators
· Use basic topographic map reading skills and your understanding of watersheds to come up with a strategy to find the source of iron from an abandoned mine. Compete in teams to see who can best utilize time and money in the search.

Super Sleuths
· Be infected with a simulated unknown waterborne disease. Attempt to find others that have the same symptoms and determine possible causes, transmission paths, and prevention methods.

Water Pollution Creek Geek Knowledgy
· Work in pairs or teams to play Creek Geek Knowledgy, the Creek Connections version of Jeopardy. During the game, review what you’ve learned in other module activities about water pollution.

Water Pollution Scavenger Hunt
· Use your knowledge of water pollution to complete a scavenger hunt on school grounds, in your backyard, or while traveling on a bus to your sampling site.

VIDEO: Earth at Risk-Clean Water
· Watch the 25-minute video, Clean Water. Then complete a worksheet and discuss the threats to clean water, water pollution, and water conservation.

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Additional Module Resources
Basic information about types of water pollution, water quality standards, regulations, and prevention.

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Specific to the water pollution theme, these activities include all the necessary background information for teachers to pick up the activity and do the lesson in their classrooms or in the field.

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