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“What is a Watershed?” Presentation
This classroom presentation covers the definition of a watershed, watershed topography, watershed boundaries, the different types of flow through a watershed, scale/size of different watersheds, Pennsylvania’s watersheds, impacts on watersheds.

Watershed Demonstration Activity
With the use of a 3-D watershed model, students will be able to visualize the watershed concept and how water flows through a watershed, including the role of the water cycle.

Puzzle of Pennsylvania’s Watersheds
Students will put together a puzzle of Pennsylvania’s six major watersheds. Fact sheets on Pennsylvania’s major watersheds can also be used in this activity.

Research One of Our Watersheds
Students will research one of Pennsylvania’s major watersheds or a major watershed elsewhere in the United States. Students can use provided fact sheets or books or the internet to find out information for a report or oral presentation they will need to give to the class. Click for info about Ohio River Watershed, the Lake Erie Watershed, the Potomac River Watershed,the Susquehanna River Watershed, the Genesee River Watershed and the Delaware River Watershed.

Sense of Place in Pennsylvania
Students fill in a blank Pennsylvania map with water resources around the state (and other natural resources if so desired) to help review the major watersheds, waterways, lakes and other natural resources in the state. Students discover that their sense of place and mapping characteristics typically rely more on human made structures (cities, roads, boundary lines) than natural resources (like rivers, watershed boundaries, topography, etc.).

Watershed Creek Geek Knowledgy
This “Jeopardy”- like game is on-line on the Creek Connections website or is available as a paper version for classrooms without computer and/or projection unit access. This great way to review watershed topics includes the following categories: watershed concept basics, where does it flow to, PA major watersheds, what is happening in the ‘shed, watersheds of the USA, watershed impacts and protection.

Module Resource Guide Information:

Watershed Info Sheets
Articles and fact sheets about the definition and typical layout of a watershed, as well as the geography of Pennsylvanian watersheds.

PA Watershed Fact Sheets
Fact sheets concerning the six watersheds which include Pennsylvanian territory:  see Research Activity above.


A detailed script to be used in conjunction with the slides provided. 


Specific to the watersheds theme, these activities include all the necessary background information for teachers to pick up the activity and do the lesson in their classrooms or in the field.

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