Language + Culture in Toulouse, France (CIEE)

  • Location: France - Toulouse
  • GPA Requirements: 2.75 GPA
  • Application Deadline: February 20 for fall programs and September 20 for spring programs
  • Program Term(s): Fall, Spring, academic year
  • Official Website: Language + Culture in Toulouse, France (CIEE)

Program Dates:

Fall 2023: August 30 – December 23

Spring 2024: January 3rd – May 11th

Fall 2024: September 4th – December 21st

Where: Toulouse, France

In the South of France between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Toulouse is consistently rated as one of the best places to live and study in France. Home to French aerospace giant Airbus and other top technology companies, Toulouse has become a European aerospace and technology hub. Toulouse offers program participants the opportunity to experience life in a dynamic French city with top-rated universities, quaint neighborhoods, and wonderful café-lined squares.


The Language + Culture program in Toulouse invites beginner – intermediate French students to immerse themselves in the language, culture, and history of France. Students are expected to invest time in French language study and use their language skills in everyday life with French students, homestay families, and members of the Toulouse community. Although most of the direct enrollment and specialized CIEE courses are taught in English, students are expected to use French as much as possible outside of class.

Students will take the following courses:
One French language course (4 credits)
At least one CIEE culture course (3 credits each)
A combination of CIEE and elective courses at the Institut Catholique de Toulouse (ICT) for a total of 8-11 semester credits

Academic Structure

Classes in which CIEE students enroll normally meet Monday through Friday, with excursions typically taking place on weekends. Language classes typically meet twice a week (2 sessions of 2 hours each). Student course schedules may change during the semester. The Center Director will work closely with each student to make sure that students are clear about their weekly and semester schedules. Students are expected to complete all the work assigned and take exams when scheduled.

Course Credit

CIEE courses: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits; 45 contact hours
CIEE French language courses: 4 U.S. semester/6 quarter credits, 60 contact hours
CIEE Internship course: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits; 15 seminar hours, 100-120 internship placement hours
Institut Catholique de Toulouse (ICT) courses: typically 1-3 U.S. semester/1.5-4.5 quarter credits; 50-150 notional hours


For a full list of course offerings, visit CIEE’s website here.


2.75 G.P.A. There are no specific language requirements for this program.

Housing & Student Life

Students live in with French homestay families in various Toulouse communities. Two meals on weekdays and three meals on weekends are included in the program. You typically eat weekday breakfasts and dinners with your homestay family. You may purchase lunches at local cafes, restaurants and markets throughout the city.

Fees & Costs

Students pay Allegheny tuition, double room, meal plan C, and an off campus study fee of $800. Allegheny financial aid, except work/study, is applied to program costs. Tuition includes housing, homestay meals, international travel insurance (CIEE iNext), and transcript administration fees. Allegheny students do not have to pay the program deposit requested by CIEE. Estimated additional costs include: weekday lunches ($1,200), CIEE application fee, books and supplies (approx. $200), international airfare & local transportation (approx. $1400), visa fees, and personal expenses.

Visa & Immigration information

If you are a U.S. citizen, you will apply for a visa before departing the United States. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please contact the French consulate in your home country for visa requirements.

Application Process

Allegheny students must apply for approval to study off-campus from the Global Education office AND apply directly to their chosen program.For this program, students should work on the Allegheny approval application at the same time as the host program application. The Allegheny approval application deadline is February 20 for fall programs and September 20 for spring programs. Study away approval applications will be reviewed immediately following the appropriate semester deadline. The separate application deadline to apply directly to this program will vary and could be before or after Allegheny’s approval application due date. Check directly on their website (linked at the top of this page) for deadline information. For more information about the study away application process, please visit the application steps page.