Journalism in the Public Interest Minor

Journalism in the Public Interest Learning Outcomes

Students who complete a minor in Journalism in the Public Interest should be able to:

  • Write an effective hard-news story (write an effective lead, quote useful sources accurately, present pertinent information accurately, proofread meticulously, follow AP style);
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the professional and ethical obligations of a working journalist;
  • Edit a news story effectively;
  • Create an effective piece of multimedia reporting;
  • Articulate the ways in which a free press matters to a healthy democracy;
  • Recognize how economic interests and power structures affect the nature of the news industry and how it represents the world;
  • Follow the news habitually and critically.

The Journalism in the Public Interest Minor

The minor requires a minimum of 20 semester credit hours. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in the minor. The minor requires: two journalism synthesis courses; at least two applied journalism courses; and a third applied journalism course or a practicum.

Because this minor is interdivisional, students may complete any major to satisfy the college requirement that the major and minor be in different divisions.

Requirements (20 Credits Minimum):

Applied Journalism Courses:

Take both of the following:

JOURN 100 - News Writing
JOURN 300 - Multimedia Journalism


For the purpose of fulfilling the college distribution requirement, JOURN 100, JOURN 300, and JOURN 320 count as Humanities courses. JOURN 200 counts as a Social Science course.

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