Allegheny College Open Access Policy

In 2013, the faculty adopted an open access policy for faculty publications to ensure that such publications remain available to students and researchers at the College and to support the ongoing development of open access publishing.

In summary, the policy states:

Allegheny faculty are required to submit a copy of articles completed while they are employed by the College to the College’s institutional repository for the purposes of open dissemination. Pelletier Library is responsible for managing the repository and making scholarly articles available to the college community and to the public to the greatest extent possible.

The policy implies that faculty will negotiate publication agreements that allow for open dissemination when publishing articles. The implication is that such agreements will allow open dissemination no later than the date of publication. In practice, most faculty have been publishing in journals that allow open access after a short embargo, typically 12 months after the publication date.

To review the original policy, consult section 11.25 in the Faculty Handbook.

Support for Open Access Publications

Pelletier Library covers Article Processing Charges (APC) for the following publishers/journals:

American Chemical Society — includes the following journals:

  • 60+ ACS Hybrid / Transformative Journals
  • JACS Au
  • ACS Au
  • ACS Omega

To learn more about this program, visit

Key points:

  1. Allegheny’s agreement is through the PALCI consortium.
  2. You should be the submitting corresponding author.
  3. To ensure that your manuscript falls under Allegheny’s agreement:
    • Make sure your institutional affiliation is correct in the ACS Paragon Plus submission system. Use the dropdown box in Paragon to select Allegheny College.
    • Check that your affiliation is stated in the body of the manuscript as the corresponding author’s affiliation.
  4. After the library approves your open access funding request, your article will be published under a CC BY 4.0 license free of charge.

SpringerNature – coming in 2024

Links to the College’s Institutional Repository

Additional Resources

For more information on Open Access (OA), please see an Overview of Open Access at Wikipedia.

Know your rights when publishing! The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has an excellent resource on understanding your rights, including an author addendum when it is needed.

Last updated: 2023-04-05