Forward All Incoming Calls to Another Extension or Phone Number

With furlough and vacations, it is often useful for employees to have their incoming calls forwarded to another extension in their department, or to a different number altogether.

  1. Press the Settings button (the “gear” icon on the lower left side of your phone keypad).
    Mitel 6920 desk phone with the "Settings" key highlighted
  2. Use the silver wheel on the phone to navigate left to Call Forward.
    Mitel 6920 desk phone with the "Call Forward" option showing in the screen
  3. Press Select.
    (If necessary, use the backspace button to erase any number in the box labeled Always.)
    Mitel 6920 desk phone showing the dialog screen for entering forwarding numbers
  4. Enter the 4-digit extension, or 10-digit number off campus, that you want to have your calls forwarded to in the Always box. Be sure to prefix an “8” before the number if it is not an on-campus extension.
  5. Before you save, use the wheel to navigate to the checkbox in the upper right corner of the display.
    Mitel 6920 phone showing the checkbox by the "Always" option
  6. Press the center button of the wheel to put a check in the box.
  7. Press Save.
  8. Press Close.

LITS has other tips for managing phones during vacations and furlough as well.