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LITS Website Redesign

Library and Information Services is pleased to announce significant revisions to the LITS web site. The LITS web team has worked to streamline the main LITS page, with careful attention to the resources that Allegheny students, faculty, and employees need the most. In addition, we have added a new pages focused on services for employees, and streamlined our page focused on services for students.

LITS would like especially to thank the members of AAC and SAC who provided feedback and suggestions during the development process.

LITS invites input from our campus community. Please reach out to the InfoDesk at with any questions.

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Security Update Applied to Google Drive

Link Sharing Security Update from Google July 2021

Google is sending an email to a number of campus members starting Monday July 26, 2021. To see what that email will look like, there is a screenshot below. Note – the message will be similar to the screenshot; it may not be an exact match.

Screenshot of an email message from Google with the heading "Security update will be applied to Drive"

Why is this occurring?

Google is applying a security update to certain folders and files. Which folders and files?

  • This will only be applied to folders/files uploaded to Google Drive from November 2017 and previous months/years (ex: content from 2016, 2015…)
  • Non-native Google documents (ex: Word document, pdf…)

Please note that for every folder/file of yours in the list, the link will be updated as part of this security update. This means the link will change.

What is the change?

If you shared a file by changing the link sharing on the file from restricted to either anyone at Allegheny College or anyone on the web, people who may have viewed the file in the past will still have access, but anyone who has not previously accessed the file will no longer have access.  

For folders or files used in websites, see the – “What else should I know” question below. 

When will this be applied?

The email will come out the week of July 26. If you do not get an email, none of your content will be impacted. There are plenty of people who came to Allegheny after November 2017 and, thus, have no content in Google Drive prior to November 2017. It is an okay thing to not receive the email.

Google will apply the changes to the folders/files in your list starting September 13, 2021 and will complete the updates by September 30, 2021. Your content may be updated at any time during this timeframe. You will not receive any notice that the change occurred nor will you notice the new security update. But please note that the links will be changed. 

What can I do between now and Sept 13?

If you review your list of folders and files and see a file or two that you would like to update now to avoid possible issues later, you can easily copy the file which will create a new link. You can then distribute the new link and/or update a website to point to the new link. 

We would suggest renaming the old version of the document (or deleting it–your choice).

What should I do with this email?

You can review what folders/files will be updated by opening the document from the link in the email that Google sends you. There is no need for you to do anything with these folders and files at this time, but you can (see “What else should I know” below). The email is just an update for an upcoming change. 

We suggest you save this email, and possibly star the message in order to reference it again in September or later this year. 

What will the security update do to the links for my folders and files?

The security update will change the link to a new link. No content will be changed. 

What else should I know?

If in September or later this year, you start receiving email updates for people to access the folders/files impacted, more than what you may typically get for a folder or file, you should re-share the new link to those you want to have access to the folder or file. 

If the folder or file is located on a website, you would need to update the website to use the new link.


Tech Tip Tuesday: Fix Your Passwords in Chrome with a Single Tap

A new feature in Chrome will now help you change your passwords with a single tap.

On supported sites, whenever you check your passwords, Chrome will look for passwords that may have been compromised. If it finds one, you will see a Change password button from the Google Assistant. When you tap the button, if the site supports this feature, then Chrome will not only navigate to the site, but also go through the entire process of changing your password.

Animation showing how Chrome will help you change stolen passwords automatically.


Importantly, you can control the entire experience and choose to go through the change password process manually from the start, or at any point during the process.

And even if a site isn’t supported yet, you can use Chrome’s password manager to help you create strong and unique passwords for your various accounts.

Learn more about Chrome’s automated password changes.

Come join our Tech Tuesday Workshops to learn more about collaboration tools. Signups for August will be available soon.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: New Image Options in Google Docs

Google Docs now offers more options when you create and import documents with images. Images can now be positioned above or behind text in a Google Doc.

Users have always been able to insert and manipulate images in a Google Doc. These new options will enable you to superimpose text onto an image, or vice versa.

Screenshot of a Google Doc containing a photo of the night sky, with superimposed text reading "Capture the night sky this Milky Way season."


This video from GCF Learn Free gives more tips on using images in Google Docs:

Come join our July Tech Tuesday Workshops to learn more about collaboration tools.

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Recent Updates to Colleague

Over the past weekend (August 17th and 18th), LITS Enterprise Services performed scheduled maintenance to the Colleague server. The Colleague database and server have been upgraded to a version supported by Ellucian.

Staff and administration who use Colleague may notice some differences. Among the big changes:

  • You will now be able to log in using your Allegheny College Google account instead of your separate Colleague password. If you are logged into your Gmail in the same browser, Colleague should log you in automatically. If you are not, it will ask you to log into your Google account.
  • Printing information out of Colleague is more limited than before.
  • All users will now use Colleague screens instead of an FTP client to access the data they need.

LITS is aware that some users logging into Self Service may encounter delays at login, and is investigating the issue.

If anything in Colleague, Self Service, or WebAdvisor does not appear to be working, please open a Web Help Desk ticket. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the InfoDesk: / 814-332-3768 / extension 3768 from campus phones.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Using Comments in Google Sheets

While commenting tools have long been available in Google Sheets, Google is now offering  new ways to discover and navigate comments in Google Sheets that are more similar to the ways you may already be familiar with using comments in Google Docs. These changes make it easier to review, respond to, and resolve comments in Sheets.

You now have easy ways to see and navigate all comments in a spreadsheet by clicking:

  • The comment icon in the Appbar.
  • The “open all comments” item in the sheet tab.
  • The “open” from any comment anchored to a cell.
  • A new button in the comment overlay that allows you to page between comment threads in a document.

Just like in Google Docs, you can use comments to add supplemental information, recommend updates or revisions, or assign action items to collaborators on the Sheet.

Learn more about sharing and collaborating in Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Come join our July Tech Tuesday Workshops to learn more about collaboration tools.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Replace Your Background in Google Meet

In Google Meet, you can replace your background with one supplied by Google, or even upload your own.

This feature is now available in both Google Chrome and the Android app.

A brief moving image showing a user selecting from among several background images in Google Meet.

You can also upload your own images to use as a background.

Using Chrome on desktop, you can even use a video. Google offers three videos to choose from, with more on the way. Google also plans to make video backgrounds available for mobile in the future.

Learn more about using Google Meet.

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Scheduled maintenance: Internet

One of the College’s Internet service providers will conduct required maintenance on the fiber cables supplying the College between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on July 2, 2021. There is no anticipated outage of service.

If you do experience any loss of Internet connectivity via the Allegheny College networks that persists after 6:00 a.m. on July 2, please contact the InfoDesk at or open a Web Help Desk ticket.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Remember to Clear Your Browser History

David Nield of Popular Science offers a great explanation of Why and How to Clear Your Web History in Any Browser. In short, routinely clearing your browser history (also often referred to as “clearing your cache”) can help protect your privacy, speed up your browser performance overall, and help you avoid mysterious glitches with web pages displaying incorrectly or behaving in odd ways.

LITS offers brief instructions on clearing your browser history on Microsoft Edge or Safari, or in Google Chrome or Firefox.

UPDATED: Please be aware that, depending on your choices in this process, you may be logged out of your accounts, and will have to log back in when you revisit them next. In some cases, you may lose custom settings for some sites as well.

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