Implementing a New Phone System: Phase 1 Starts July 31, 2018

LITS is working with Windstream Communications to implement a new phone system on the Mitel platform.  The implementation of the new phone system will begin July 31 at 3:00pm when the following departments located in Pelletier Library and Murray Hall are converted to Mitel.  

  • Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)
  • Learning Commons
  • The Allegheny Gateway (Career Education, Civic Engagement, etc..)

Beginning on August 1st to reach individuals in those departments by phone you will need to dial 9 814 332-XXXX to reach them until your department is converted to the new system at that point 4 digit dialing will return.

The Mitel phone system will be fully implemented before the end of the Fall Semester 2018. Specifics of the remaining phases of the project will be shared with individual departments and members of the campus community as they are finalized with Windstream.  Once fully implemented, the College will experience cost savings and the features of a modern phone system.

Thank you in advance for accommodating the minor inconvenience of having to dial 9 and the ten digit number for a few months this fall.  Should you have questions please, contact James Fadden <>.