Pelletier Library Winnowing Project

It’s time to review books for Pelletier Library’s winnowing project. Faculty are invited to review titles tagged for possible removal in two call number ranges: 340 to 349, which is primarily focused on Law, and 400 to 499, which is primarily focused on Languages (grammar, usage, dictionaries, etc.). Click here for a list of topics. The review of titles in 340 – 349 and 400 – 499 begins November 8, 2019 and lasts until December 6, 2019. Faculty interested in reviewing titles are invited to stop by the InfoDesk to pick up a winnowing envelope.

As a reminder, the review of call number ranges 300 to 319 and 330 to 334 will end next Friday, November 15, 2019. A full list of call number ranges under review is listed on the project’s website