Tech Tip Tuesday – Polling for Zoom Meetings

Polling for Zoom Meetings is a feature which allows you to create either single or multiple choice questions for your attendees, and is available for your Allegheny Zoom account.

To start using polls, you’ll first need to enable the feature for your account by doing the following:

  1. Sign into Allegheny’s Zoom web portal at .
  2. From the menu at the left side of the screen, click Settings, then click In Meeting (Basic)
  3. Find the setting for Polling, and click the toggle switch to enable polling:



Polls can now be added to your Zoom meetings! To create one:

  1. From the Zoom web portal ( go to the Meetings menu. (If you do not have any meetings, you will need to create one first.)
  2. The Poll option is located at the bottom of the page, click Add to start creating the poll.
  3. Add a title and your first question.
  4. Add the answers to your question, and then click Save at the bottom.
  5. Click Add a Question if you would like to add additional ones.

(Multiple polls can also be added!)

You will now see Polls in the meeting controls of your Zoom meeting, and you can click Polls to launch the poll.

For more information, see Polling for Meetings in the Zoom Help Center.