Tech Tip Tuesday: Translate Closed Captions in Google Meet with Chrome

You can translate the captions in Google Meet to another language using the Chrome browser.

First, turn on captions for any Google Meet you are attending. Move your mouse over the screen, and a white bar should pop up at the bottom. Click on Turn on Captions.

Screenshot of Toolbar in Google Meet

Then right-click on the lower part of the screen, where the captions appear, and choose Translate to English. (This part is a little confusing, because it should already be in English. Bear with us!)
Screenshot of Google Meet Caption area

You’ll notice a small Google Translate icon appear in the address bar at the top of your Chrome browser (where the URL appears).

Click on the Translate icon, and then choose the three-dot menu:

Screenshot of Google Translate dialog box

Click on Choose Another Language… You will be given a choice of dozens of languages.

Screenshot of language selection options in Google Translate.

The captions will automatically translate into the language you choose. (So will any chat posts in the Meet.)

Bear in mind that automatic computer translation is prone to errors, so don’t rely on this to provide a perfect translation.

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