Wufoo Transition to Google Forms

With the maturity of the Google Forms platform to develop and design web forms, we are retiring Wufoo as an active tool for general campus use by May 1, 2018.

Forms that are embedded within critical website or marketing, as well as forms used for payment processing will continue to exist in Wufoo. In addition, Wufoo forms centrally managed by College Relations or ITS may continue to exist where it makes the most sense to continue existing practice.

Google’s form tool improves on Wufoo with the following features:
– Easier to share and securely manage results directly in a live spreadsheet.
– Better mobile user experience
– More robust file storage for collecting attached files
– Unlimited notifications for new entries
– Simpler transition of form ownership to others on campus

Most users have already been contacted and have either migrated already or are working with ITS to complete their migration. For forms that continue to exist on Wufoo, LITS recommends against long term storage of data and file uploads on the Wufoo site. If you are not already working with LITS to transition your forms or have other questions, please submit a support ticket with details at webhelp.allegheny.edu.