Allegheny Listens Common Reading

The Allegheny Listens Common Reading Experience is designed to introduce new students to our diverse learning environment and academic life at Allegheny prior to the start of classes.

Each year, all new and transfer students, along with current students, faculty, and staff, read a book that has been thoughtfully reviewed and selected by faculty, staff, and students.

Common Reading: Tales of Two Americas

In Tales of Two Americas, some of the literary world’s most exciting writers look beyond numbers and wages to convey what it feels like to live in a divided nation. Their extraordinarily powerful stories, essays, and poems demonstrate how boundaries break down when experiences are shared, and that sharing these stories can help to alleviate a suffering that touches so many people.

During Welcome Weekend, you will join your peers to engage with a panel of faculty from various academic disciplines to discuss the book, and you will meet with your classmates to participate in small group discussions about themes in the book. In the process, you’ll learn about Allegheny’s core values and learning expectations as you interact with others and share your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

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Find more information about Tales of Two Americas, questions to consider while reading, a discussion board, and additional resources for a deeper dive into topics discussed in the book.

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Read the book over the summer, in time for Welcome Weekend (beginning August 25).

Free Book
Receive your free copy at your Summer Orientation, and read it in time for Welcome Weekend.