Fall 2006/ Spring 2007 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Adkison, Sean    The Impact of Religious Thought on the Legal Philosophy of Supreme Court Justices

Baima, Michael    From Bubble to Bust: Economic Stagnation in Japan during the 1990s

Berosh, Jennifer    Locally-Owned Ethanol Plants in America: A Spark for Democratic Discourse of Technology?

Boni, Bradley    Nationalism in India and Vietnam: The Importance of Strong Leadership

Brown, Greg    An Examination of the Effectiveness of North Korea’s Negotiating Strategy in the Current US-DPRK Nuclear Conflict

Byne, Lauren    The Irish Diaspora in America: The Effects of the Irish American Identity on American Politics and Literature

Carik, Daniel Sean    Strategic Coercion in the 21st Century: Nuclear Deterrence, Sub-National Actors and the Paradox of American Power

Coleman, Rachel    The Role of the Black Church in National Politics: From Emancipation to the Civil Rights Era to the Post-Civil Rights Years

Corkum, Michelle    U.S. Women’s Under-Representation in the Electoral Process: Potential Explanations with International Comparatives

Crawford, Michael    The Role of Public Virtue in the Founding of the American Regime

Darin, Katie    Given the Urgency of Environmental Problems, Is It Prudent for Us to Look to Major Corporations to be a Lead Player? The Wal-Mart Case 

Herendeen, Lindsay Ann    The Efficacy of Community Empowerment to Alleviate Environmental Health Disparities: Empowerment Manifestation within Community-based Participatory Research

Gibbs, Colin    From the Beltway to the Desert: The Complicated US-Saudi Relationship

Ellias, Adam    The Paradox of Freedom: Rousseau’s Dual Solution

James, Ryan Harrison    Changing the Perspectives: The Implications of Critical Race Theory on US Supreme Court Opinions Dealing with Race Discrimination in Education

Jamshidi, Sara    A Policy in Pain: The Study of US Policy Toward Torture in Interrogation Before and During America’s Global War on Terror

Kern, Neal    Addressing Homelessness with Social Capital

Killian, Shane    The Impact of European Integration on Left-of-Center Politics in Western European Conservative Welfare States: A Case Study of Germany

Kolski-Andreaco, Seth    The Evolution of the State of Israel and the Influence of Civil-Military Relations on Its Democratic Institutions

Konicki, Justine    The Army in Iraq: An Examination of the Army’s Culture and Its Ability to Conduct Counterinsurgency Operations 

Kopnitaky, Amanda    Let the Sun Shine In: Understanding Cameras in American Courtrooms Through a Framework of Surveillance and Power

Latronica, Jennifer    Finding a New Source of Alternatives: El Movimiento Indigena en Ecuador

Law, Elaine Marie    The Examination of Race and Gender Relations in Modern China: A Case Study of Whitening Skincare Products in Chinese Advertisements

Lichtman, Ban    The Transformation of Harry Blackman

Lieb, Adam    Financing of Terrorism: How Terrorist Networks Use Charities and Hawalas to Finance Their Operations and What the US Policy Responses Are

Marstellar, Kristin    Supreme Court Justices and Presidents: The Interplay, the Motives, the Nominations, and the Outcomes

Morehead, Matthew    The Winds of Change: Policy Recommendations for Spain’s Wind Energy Sector

Plumb, Melsissa    Parity Unity in the United States Government 

Russell, Silas    A Republican Savior: Analysis of Ronald Reagan as the Chief Icon of the Conservative Movement

Siddiqui, Mohammad Ali    How Does the Indian Bureaucracy Hinder India’s Social and Economic Development?

Smith, Erik    The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Affluent and Non-Affluent School Districts

Solecki, Andrew    The Democracy Highway: How the Car Will Change China

Swanson, Brandon    Jass & Democracy: A Conservation on the Black Middle Class

Town, Kelly    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa: A Workable Model?

Tuttle, Bradley    The Rehnquist Court’s Impact on the Autonomy of Individuals in the United States

Ungaro, Christina    The Impact of Global Economics on National Sovereignty: The Case of China’s Automotive Industry and the Rise of Local Governance

Utter, Robert    Comparing Constitutions: Why the South African Constitution Provides More Rights than the American Constitution 

Walsh, Samantha    Public Policy-Making Analysis: Affects of the Expanded Power of Governmental Agencies on the Balance of Power in the National Government and Public Voice

Warth, Diana    The Heightened Participation of Muslim Women in the Tunisian Public Sphere

Whitlock, Richard    Theodore Roosevelt’s Expansion of Presidential Power

Williams, Todd    Media Ownership Regulation and the 1996 Telecommunications Act

Zimdahl, Christopher    Policy Analysis of the Nuclear Bombings of Japan