Athletics Guidelines

Accommodating Religious Observance

As part of its commitment to diversity, Allegheny College encourages the expression of diverse religious traditions, which creates challenges, since our common calendar developed around Christianity. Islamic, Jewish, Hindu and other holidays follow different calendars, so they do not fall on the same day each year, or even the same day of the week, like Easter Sunday or Ash Wednesday do, but may be on Thursday one year and Saturday the next.

The athletic program presents some special challenges, since we have little or no control over scheduling competitions, and student athletes are managing athletic requirements along with academics.

We believe these complexities are worth confronting in order to create the inclusive, respectful, and safe residential learning community that our Statement of Community advocates. Allegheny is committed to supporting individuals of all religions, and we invite you to assist in accommodating students’ religious practice that might conflict with athletic programs.

This guide should help you work around religious holidays in a way that is respectful and sensitive, while not diminishing athletic commitments. Conflicts might also occur for athletes whose religion requires head covering or other apparel. If you have questions, please contact the Dean for SRPW for assistance.