Amanda Harris ’01

Current City: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Current Occupation: Manager of Sales – Askesis Co.image00

Amanda Harris graduated with a major in psychology and minor in Spanish. She was active as a student, participating in the Association of Black Collegians/Association for the Advancement of Black Culture (ABC), Allegheny Gay Pride, Allegheny Student Government, Diversity Council, WARC, the Diversity Council, and Gator Activities Programming. Amanda also participated in the Collegiate Leadership Conference, which she says was her most rewarding experience at Allegheny.

Amanda holds Allegheny dear to her heart and is a proud supporter of the College. She wants to pay it forward and help others have the same fantastic opportunities and experiences she had. She encourages others who love Allegheny to do the same. “Even $10 or $20 goes far to provide opportunities for students,” she says. “Donors can designate where their funds go. If there is an area of the College that you are particularly passionate about, you can provide a gift to support that program.”

As she entered the working world, Amanda was able to clearly write and articulate her thoughts. She believes that Allegheny prepared her to present herself in person and on paper. She also points to her Senior Comp as a valuable resource, which she could refer to during interviews as real, hands-on experience.