Lauryn Davis ’22

#GatorsLoveDonors 💙💛

“My name is Lauryn Davis, Class of 2022. I’m currently a junior at Allegheny with a major in psychology and a minor in English. I chose psychology because I am fascinated with decision making and mental health. For this reason, I plan on continuing with psychology in order to earn my Master’s degree and become a therapist.

“I chose Allegheny College because of its small size, which allows for more intimate relationships with faculty and students. Moreover, Allegheny has wonderful Psychology and Neuroscience Departments, as well as impressive research opportunities. My favorite part of Allegheny has to be the professors. I have yet to have a professor who I truly did not enjoy. Due to the small campus, professors are likely to be just as invested in your learning and success as you are.

“Without your support, I would not be able to attend Allegheny and experience this enriching education. My parents are not able to aid in financing my education, so this scholarship means more to me than words can describe. Again, thank you so much for your donations and I hope this letter helps you see just how much they mean to myself and others like me on campus. Thank you!”
— Lauryn