Gator Logo

The Allegheny Gator logo represents the College’s mascot and is primarily applied when the themes of athletics or student life are being highlighted.


There are a variety of options for the Gator logo, as indicated by the visuals included below. A handful of logos are available for download with an Allegheny account. For any use other than paper/printing, please contact Penny Drexel in the Office of College Relations to obtain a file that is optimized for it specifically.


The Gator logo is AC Blue, Bold Gold, and Gator Green. When color is available, the gator must be represented in its full-color version.

College Relations will provide a file customized for a specific purpose upon request, including but not limited to the following situations:

  • Color is limited (i.e. budget limits require limited colors on a press or limited colors on a T-shirt)
  • The Gator will be printed on a dark background (this requires special reversed files)
  • There is interest in using the “Gator in Water” logo, a secondary version of the file


No gator other than the logo gator may be used to represent the College unless otherwise approved by College Relations.

Minimum Size

1.5” or 108 pixels

Clear Space

Maintain a clear space around each logo