One of the ways Allegheny College connects with its audiences is through branded merchandise, apparel, and giveaways. In order to represent the College appropriately and leave a meaningful impression, it is imperative to follow guidelines and licensing procedures during the planning, designing, and ordering of materials.

List of Licensed Vendors Become a Licensee

What Needs To Be Licensed?

Any item that is produced in representation of the College should be licensed. Even if it does not feature an official logo, if the art references the College in any way it should be ordered through a licensee. Paper-printed materials such as publications and collateral do not require a licensed vendor; however, these materials should always be reviewed and approved by Marketing and Communications to ensure proper branding is applied. If you are unsure about your item, please contact for assistance.

Why Licensing?

For the College, producing licensed items ensures that Allegheny is always putting its best foot forward when it comes to brand recognition and public identity. It allows an opportunity for the College community to utilize official College graphics while being educated about best practices and standards.

For the vendor, it provides access to every College logo for use. Vendors are also listed on the College’s website so they can be easily accessed by those doing the ordering. Lastly, outside sellers can produce Allegheny-branded merchandise to provide materials beyond the College walls.

How To Order

  1. Select a Licensed Vendor
    Allegheny has an ever-growing list of licensed vendors, from the local area to beyond. If you require a vendor who is not on the list, or if you are unable to find product offerings from licensees to fulfill your needs, contact with more details.

    Often-used vendors are listed here for your convenience:

    • Creative Imprint Solutions, 814-336-1001 (“RAS Sports Inc.” on the vendor list)
    • Ad Specialty Solutions, Brian Hutton,
  2. Develop Artwork
    Reference Allegheny’s Brand Center to develop artwork that fits the correct size for your item. Contact for additional guidance on artwork development. If you are simply using a standard Allegheny logo, inform your vendor and they will be able to access the marks to develop a proof to review. Some vendors offer to design items for you; please see “Artwork Pre-Approval” below for suggested steps.
  3. OPTIONAL: Artwork Pre-Approval
    Email your proposed design to for pre-approval. This will allow time to identify potential issues or updates required for final approval, saving time and effort after the vendor submits the art for final sign-off.
  4. Artwork Submission and Final Approval
    Once your art is prepared, your licensed vendor will independently submit the artwork through the Allegheny licensing portal for final review and approval. Once approved (typically within 24 hours), the vendor will receive notification to begin production. If changes are required, the vendor will be notified and may have to resubmit the art once changes have been made.