Hero Image

This feature is an advanced feature and is not active on most websites. Contact web@allegheny.edu to request activation

Allegheny Admissions Hero

The hero is a specialized image that is available for use on some website homepages. In order to activate the hero image, go to Appearance > Customize in the WordPress editor and add a hero image.

  • Hero Image: Must be at least 1200px wide. By default, the hero area is 350px in height, so for taller images, only the top 350px will be shown.
  • Text: The title text visible on the header. Keep to below 75 characters for better viewing.
  • Button Text: The text on the button, if chosen.
  • Button Icon: Icons image used on the button. Icons can be found through FontAwesome’s 4.7 version
  • Hero HTML: Details coming soon.