Images Guide

Inserting images/media

Images make websites more interesting and, fortunately, WordPress makes it very easy to add images, and other media. In order to upload media, click on the “Add Media” button above the toolbar.

From here, you can upload your files located on your computer by dragging and dropping the files into the corresponding area.

Note that you can upload multiple files at a time by dragging in multiple files at the same time. Media files accepted include image files, movie files, sound files, PDFs, document files, and excel files. After the files are uploaded, you will be presented with the “media gallery”.

The file(s) you uploaded should already be selected. On the right-hand side, go into its properties and click “insert into post”, and the file will automatically be linked in the designated area on the page, or displayed if it is an image.

Note: for more information on image properties, visit Image Properties.


Galleries is a great way to display multiple images in columns and rows, and in an organized fashion.

Image galleries are very easy to create:

  1. Add media button (the button used to add images).
  2. Select and upload images from your computer
  3. After images are uploaded, a gallery tab appears. Go to gallery tab.
  4. If images you’d like to include in gallery are selected, click “Create New Gallery” on bottom right
  5. Choose settings (link to media)
  6. Click “insert gallery”

You now have a simple image gallery in your document.

2 Column Gallery

3 Column Gallery

4 Column Gallery