Email Signatures

Editing Your Signature

  1. Choose your design by accessing the Google doc (you must be logged into your Allegheny gmail account)
  2. Copy and paste the signature of your choice into a new Google doc
  3. Edit the contact information to fit your needs
    • Social media icons default to Allegheny main accounts; to edit to a different Allegheny account, click on the link and choose “Change”
    • The Allegheny URL may be extended one level to any top level Allegheny address (e.g.
  4. Add additional contact details (e.g. cell phone, personal pronouns, social media accounts) below the phone number.

Adding the Signature

  1. In Gmail, open account settings by clicking on the (gear/cog/settings) icon
  2. Scroll to the Signature section
  3. Copy and paste the entire signature into the Signature box
  4. Double-check all information
  5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page