Editor Basics

Allegheny College websites are too plentiful, too large, and have way too much content to be handled by a small web team. Because of this, Allegheny’s WordPress Editors area a vital part of our web presence. Almost all Allegheny College website have Editors assigned to keep content fresh, accurate, and relevant.

WordPress Editor’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of website’s content
  • Assessing content for relevance and accuracy
  • Keeping websites fresh by updating and adding content
  • Always adhering to Allegheny College Web Style Guide
  • Creation of content for website
It is not the Web Communications department’s responsibility to create and maintain content for most department websites. The Web team is always available for support or questions, but it is the department’s responsibilities to handle content.

Logging into WordPress

To log into WordPress add /wp-admin/ to the end of the website address. For example, for the art department website, you would type


Note that your username and password with only grant access to website assigned to you by Web Communications.

What level of control do editors have?

Editors may add or change content on their sites and blogs, including adding images, text, editing navigation, editing widgets, and so on. The editors have a great amount of control over their websites, but it is important to keep Allegheny College’s graphic standards in mind. This means that the font choices, colors, and other design choices have already been decided by the Web Communications team and should not be changed. Please see other pages of WordPress Guide for more information.

It is important to follow the WordPress guide when creating content for this reasons. The guide gives clear instruction on the basics of editing content, while still staying within Allegheny College’s graphic standards.

Website audience

When creating and maintaining content for a website, it is always important to be considerate of who your audience is. But always consider that your audience will many time be more than you would expect. Just because you are creating content for students to see, doesn’t mean prospective students will not find it and have an interest in it. For example, an academic department website’s audience can include:

  • Current students
  • Prospective students
  • Parents
  • Allegheny staff
  • Anyone else

Web Communications Support

The Web Communications Team is available for support, or to assist when problems arrive in official Allegheny College websites. Any requests for features, support, or training can be directed to our web content forms, or emails directly to the Web Communication Team.