Tech Tip Tuesday – How to Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Using multiple virtual desktops can be very helpful, and is easy to set up and use in Windows 10. If you keep a lot of applications open at one time, this can be a convenient way to keep organized.

  • To add a desktop:

    • Open up the Task View pane by clicking the Task View button, or by pressing the Windows Key + TabScreenshot of Task View Button
    • Click New Desktop.
  • To switch between desktops:

    • Open the Task View pane and click on the desktop you would like to switch to.
    • You can also quickly switch between desktops with the keyboard shortcuts Windows key + Ctrl + Left Arrow and Windows key + Ctrl + Right Arrow.
  • To move windows between desktops:

    • Open the Task View pane and hover your cursor over the desktop containing the window that you want to move. (The windows on the selected desktop will pop up.)
    • Find the window that you want to move, right-click it, select Move to, and choose the desktop you want to move the window to. (You can also drag and drop windows to the desired desktop!)
  • To close desktops:

    • Open the Task View pane, hover over the desktop that you want to close, and click the small that appears in the top-right corner.
    • You can also close desktops with the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Ctrl + F4.