Phishing Attempt

LITS has received reports of a phishing attempt disguised as a “2020 Faculty Evaluation” form received via email.
  • When you determine a message is phishing, please report it as phishing. Gmail includes an easy way to do this.  This will decrease the chances of the message landing in others’ inbox.
  • If the supposed sender is someone known to you, contact them using a different method and discuss the request–not using “Reply”.
  • Deleting the message is also appropriate.  If you already responded to the message, report any further communication related to your response as phishing, and do not respond further.


If you did fill out the form, then it’s important to change your password as quickly as possible using the LITS Password Change form. If for some reason you aren’t able to change your password, please contact the InfoDesk ASAP at 814-332-3768 or email us at
Thanks for those who called this to the attention of LITS.