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Present Your Work at the NCUR 2021 Conference

Posted on October 13, 2020 | Filed under Archive

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The URSCA Office encourages students who have completed or are completing research, scholarship or creative activities to consider presenting their work at NCUR 2021 @ Home, the virtual undergraduate conference sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). Students in any discipline can present at NCUR; 100s of students across the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences present their work at NCUR each year. This year, because the conference is virtual, the URSCA Office is able to sponsor up to 20 students who would like to present their work. You can find information about the conference and submission instructions at the NCUR website here. Please complete this quick Google Survey if you are interested in submitting so that the URSCA Office can track the number of students interested in submitting. The early abstract deadline is November 1 and the regular abstract deadline is December 1. Professor Aimee Knupsky, Director of URSCA, is available to answer questions from students who would like to participate.