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Working Groups Seeking Staff Representation

Posted on September 19, 2021 | Filed under Archive

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Two Middle States Working Groups are seeking a non-exempt, full-time employee to participate in Allegheny’s reaccreditation process, also known as the Self-Study. An important goal of the Self-Study is to be as inclusive as possible, and having staff voices on the Working Groups is vital to meeting that goal. The groups meet 2-3x/month; descriptions for each group (Curriculum & Assessment and Community Engagement) and their regular meeting times are listed below. If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone, please contact the Steering Committee co-chairs at by Wednesday, September 22.

Curriculum & Assessment – Allegheny College’s commitment to a robust liberal arts education continues to produce graduates with strong critical thinking and communication skills and the ability to learn independently and collaboratively. Our record of consistent educational assessment via Department and Program Self-Study allows us to continually review disciplinary and interdisciplinary modes of learning and adapt to changing academic landscapes both internally and externally. Allegheny endeavors to leverage this culture of programmatic assessment into more intentional assessment of institution-wide structures in order to maintain high levels of rigor, coherence, and innovation. (Meets Thursdays 4-5pm)

Community Engagement – Allegheny College prioritizes community and civic engagement as a means to promote the development of ethical citizenship within diverse and interconnected campus, local, and global communities. Consistent with our mission, Allegheny endeavors to support and enrich the local community through shared partnerships, experiential learning opportunities, and initiatives that promote the goals of sustainability, inclusion, and equity. Allegheny is committed to deepening its involvement with the community by providing important leadership as an “anchor institution,” to promote economic development in the area and by setting an example through honest, transparent, and reciprocal interactions within the campus community and with local partners. (Meets Mondays 3:30-4:30pm)