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Try Arabic…it can help with future job prospects!

Posted on November 16, 2023 | Filed under Archive

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Only 1% of American students study Arabic, even though there continues to be a HIGH DEMAND for speakers. Having Arabic as part of your skill set can help you stand out to your potential employer, one was quoted as saying it is a “game-changer”!

Arabic is important in the following fields (just to name a few!):

  • International Business: Interested in working in business or economics in the Middle East or with Middle Eastern companies? The Middle East plays an important role in the global economy. In 2022, the GDP of the Arab world was over $5 trillion and it is important for geopolitical and economic reasons, which opens up many opportunities for work in the region. Knowing Arabic will set you apart!
  • Research analysis: the region is important for many reasons and having Arabic as part of your skill set will make you stand out to your employer!
  • Diplomacy and international journalism: Arabic is one of 6 official languages in the UN and learning the language will make you stand out if you would like to work in or on topics related to the Middle East. Also, if you are interested in working as an international news correspondent, Arabic is an important language to know and will offer you unique opportunities.
  • Education, non-profit and humanitarian organizations: Many refugees come from the Arabic speaking world and knowing the language will help you do important work not only in another country but right here in the US, even as close as Erie!

According to the Pew Research Center in 2016, Arabic is the “Fastest Growing” Language in the U.S. This means that there are growing Arabic language communities across the United States (even as close as Erie!) and an increasing need for speakers of the language in all different fields. There are no prerequisites and students of any year can register for ARAB 110. If these reasons are not enough, Arabic is a beautiful language to read and write and the region is rich with cultural diversity!