Article V: Parking Permit Fee and Fine Schedule

Section 500


  1. Student permit for School Year…$200.00 (304A1)
  2. Temporary Pass for One Week…$20.00 (304A1a)
  3. Decal Replacement Fee…No Fee (304A2)
  4. Second Vehicle Permit Fee…No Fee (304A1)
  5. Visitors Permit…No Fee (304B)
  6. Employee Permit…No Fee (304C)


  1. No Permit…$75.00 1st offense; $150.00 2nd offense (500.1)
  2. Improperly Displayed Permit…$10.00 (500.2)
  3. Vehicle Parked in Wrong Lot…$10.00 (500.3)
  4. No Parking Areas…$10.00 (500.4)
    • Parked in lot that sticker is not issued for
    • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
    • NO PARKING area
    • Using 2 spaces in parking lot
    • Against a yellow curb
    • Blocking or on a sidewalk
    • In a traffic-way (Not a designated parking space)
  5. Fire lane or loading zone… $20.00 (400.2 thru 8)
  6. Handicap space…$50.00 (500.4)
  7. False information on ticket or registration…$30.00 (500.6)
  8. Tamper with, or transfer tickets from vehicles…$30.00 (500.7)
  9. Sign ticket as a visitor to avoid fine…$50.00 (500.9)
  10. Obey signs, and traffic signals…$30.00 (501.1)
  11. Reckless driving or too fast for conditions…$35.00 (501.2)
  12. Driving under the influence…$50.00 (501.3a,b,c)
  13. Failure to obey lawful order…$30.00 (501.4)
  14. Boot removal fee…$50.00 (501.5)&(407)
  15. Parking or driving on lawns…$35.00 (501.6)
  16. Special event parking signs…$30.00 (501.7)

If you change residence status you must contact Public Safety to obtain a new parking sticker. Example would be changing dorms or moving off or on campus.

Boot Fines

A boot removal fee of $50.00 must be paid to the Public Safety office. All outstanding traffic fines must be paid prior to the boot being removed. If the fines cannot be paid immediately special arrangements must be made with this office for payment.

These regulations will be enforced on all Allegheny College property. This includes Robertson Field, and College owned houses. Refer to the Allegheny College TRAFFIC CODE HANDBOOK for more information.

Registration of a vehicle DOES NOT GUARANTEE a parking space, but only permits the holder of a permit to park on the private property of the college in available spaces. The permit assists security in determining vehicle ownership, in case of emergency. In accepting a registration sticker, the holder agrees to abide by all traffic and parking regulations. Failure to do so may result in loss of parking privileges on campus property.

Use of Wheel Boot Relating to Parking Regulations Vehicle immobilization, better known as “booting” has proven to be a successful method of collecting unpaid fines. It can also be used to correct and control undesirable parking habits. Booting is the preferable treatment, as towing can be very expensive.

Vehicles will be booted for the following reasons

  • After the vehicle has been issued (3) parking tickets that have not been paid, and or continues to violate parking or traffic regulations.
  • Continues to park in violation in a visitors, or admissions only area.
  • Continues to park in violation of assigned lots after having been warned or cited.

Allegheny College is a pedestrian campus, and all classrooms are located within a few minutes walk from the residence halls and parking areas.


All members of the Allegheny community may be required to move their vehicles from their assigned lot for snow removal. A snow emergency is an unforeseen combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action. The Allegheny community will be advised as to the lots that will be available to park if this should occur.

Parking signs have been kept to a minimum to preserve the beauty of the campus. It is the responsibility of each student, faculty, and staff member of Allegheny College to obtain a copy of the Allegheny College Traffic Code book. These books are available at the Public Safety office. It will be each person’s responsibility to become familiar with this book. This information is also available on the Allegheny web site.

Section 501

Serious Motor Vehicle Violations and Fines

  1. No one operating a motor vehicle on the property of Allegheny College shall disobey the directions of any traffic signals or signs placed in accordance with Traffic Committee’s authority unless otherwise directed by a uniformed Security Officer. The fine for the violation shall be $30.00
  2. No one operating a motor vehicle on the property of Allegheny College shall drive said vehicle in such a manner as to constitute reckless driving and/or driving too fast for conditions. The Traffic Committee and/or its agents need only to establish a prima facie case for moving traffic regulations. FINE: First offense shall be $35.00 plus restitution of any property damage. Second offense shall be loss of driving privileges on campus.
  3. A person shall not drive any vehicle on the property of Allegheny College while under the influence of any controlled substance and/or under the combined influence of alcohol and a controlled substance to a degree which renders the person incapable of safe driving.
    • The fine for this violation shall be $50,00 for the first offense plus disciplinary action by Allegheny College.
    • Second offense will be automatically charged under the Pennsylvania State Vehicle Code.
    • Any student whom the College Security Officer has probably cause to believe has violated the provisions of this section shall not be permitted to drive said vehicle; the car keys will be confiscated and the vehicle impounded under Public Security custody. The car keys will be turned over to the Dean of Students. Car keys and the release of vehicle to said student will only be granted on authorization by the Dean of Students.
  4. Failure of any individual to obey a lawful order issued by a Security Officer employed by Allegheny College pertaining to traffic duty shall be liable to a $30.00 fine.
  5. Public Safety is empowered to boot, tow away, or impound at the owners’ risk any vehicle found in violation on college owned property. The responsibility of any expenses will also fall on the owner. Both student and non-student, who are flagrant violators of college parking and traffic rules and regulations, will be notified after the third (3) offense that their vehicle will be “booted” to correct their behavior.
  6. Parking and/or driving on any lawn area is prohibited. Lawn areas include, but are not limited to, lawns, sidewalks, trails, and all Robertson Field areas. Such action is liable for a fine of $35.00 and restitution for all damage.
  7. Failure to obey signs with regard to Special Event Parking shall be liable for a fine of $30.00 plus towing and storage. Event Parking Lots will be designated and it will be the responsibility of the vehicle owners to comply with the event schedule.