Article IV: Parking Restrictions

Section 400

  1. All motor vehicles must be parked in areas designated according to their assigned decal status and within the time restrictions of Section 300.2 and Section 301.
  2. Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
  3. In a “No Parking” zone.
  4. In a fire lane or loading zone.
  5. Across lines denoting a parking space.
  6. Against a yellow curb.
  7. On a sidewalk.
  8. Blocking thoroughfare, driveway, handicap ramp, or traffic-way.
  9. In a handicapped parking space (unless the driver and/or passenger(s) is/are handicapped).

Section 401: Abandoned Vehicles
“Abandoned vehicles” include any vehicles left standing on campus property of Allegheny College with expired vehicle registration plates or expired parking decals. Such vehicles will be towed to an approved storage area and released only upon payment of towing charges and storage fees.

Section 402: Disabled Vehicles
It shall be the responsibility of the operator of a vehicle to notify Public Safety of the location of the disabled vehicle. Failure to do so may result in ticketing, booting, or towing. All charges are the responsibility of the college-registered owner.

Section 403: Towing
Any Public Safety officer may order an illegally parked vehicle to be removed from campus and placed in storage when the position of said vehicle presents a safety hazard or obstacle to the Allegheny College community or property.

  1. Attempts must be made to contact owner/operator of said vehicle to be towed prior to removal.
  2. If towed, notification in registered mail will be sent to the owner or registered student, in the event that the individual can not be contacted otherwise.
  3. Towing charges will be those set by the towing agent.
  4. Storage charges are set by the storage company.
  5. Payment of towing/storage charges shall be final and conclusive and shall constitute a waiver of any right to recover the money paid.
  6. Payment can be made under protest by filing a form provided within three (3) days.
  7. If it is determined that an improper tow was effected, Allegheny College shall pay only the towing charge.

Section 404
Allegheny College may revoke or suspend the parking privileges of any individual for cause. Written notification will be made by the Director of Public Safety.

Section 405: Availability of Parking Spaces
Registration of a vehicle DOES NOT GUARANTEE a parking space, but only permits the holder of a permit to park on the private property of the college in available spaces. The permit assists Public Safety in determining vehicle ownership, in case of emergency. Unregistered vehicles are treated as a visitor’s vehicle until the owner is determined to be a member of the Allegheny College community. Identification of vehicles on campus is a serious concern of Public Safety. In accepting a registration sticker, the holder agrees to abide by all traffic and parking regulations. Failure to do so may result in loss of parking privileges on campus property.

Section 406: Restrictions of Parking
Allegheny College reserves the right to restrict parking for special purposes or events at any time.

Section 407 Use of Wheel Boot
Vehicle immobilization, better known as “booting”, has proven to be a successful method of collecting unpaid fines. It can also be used to correct and control undesirable parking habits. In the past, Public Safety has had to tow away the vehicles of some offenders. Booting is preferable treatment, as towing can be very expensive.

Allegheny College will designate certain parking lots and areas for campus resident and commuter students, faculty, staff, visitors, and construction and delivery vehicles. Enforcement will be fair. But firm.

Citations will be issued as a first step, wheel boots will be used as a second step, and towing will be used as a last resort, when possible. In all cases, officers will use good judgment when enforcing campus rules and regulations.

Vehicles will be booted for the following reasons:

  1. After the owner of the vehicle in question has been issued three (3) or more citations and has failed to take corrective action, and/or continues to violate parking rules and regulations.
  2. Continues to park in violation in a visitor’s area.
  3. Continues to park in violation of assigned lots after having been warned or cited.

Special Instructions:
Vehicles being booted will be fined in accordance with the parking rules and regulations fee and fine schedule. In a case where the boot has been attached because of unpaid fines, the violator must make financial arrangements with the financial office to pay all unpaid fines and the boot removal fee, and be able to show proof of payment to Public Safety, before a boot is removed.