Article III: Registration of Vehicles

Section 300

All motor vehicles operated within the city limits of Meadville by Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students, whether resident or commuter, must be registered in the Office of Public Safety. Registered vehicles must display parking decals indicating the areas in which the vehicle may be parked. All students, including first-year students, must register their vehicles with Public Safety.

Section 301: Decals and Permits

  1. Gold stickers are for college faculty, staff, and administration.
  2. Temporary/Visitor permits are for visitors and are valid for date indicated.
  3. Student stickers are valid for the school year as indicated by the sticker.
  4. All parking stickers shall be placed on the extreme lower left-hand corner of the rear window. Exceptions are made for canvas topped vehicles and motorcycles.
  5. Each new school year a validation sticker will be placed on the sticker to indicate current registration. Parking stickers will be changed for students if housing is changed during the school year or for the new school year to reflect their parking privileges.
  6. Permits or decals not properly displayed shall be deemed invalid.
  7. Decals and permits are not transferable from vehicle to vehicle.
  8. An adhesive Temporary/Visitor permits and must be displayed on the rear window inside in the left (driver’s side) lower corner with the information facing out. These permits can only be obtained at Public Safety. Students are responsible for the parking behavior of their guests and will be responsible for any fines incurred if visitor defaults on the payment of fines.
  9. Decals and permits shall be purchased/secured from the Director of Public Safety within the following time limits: a. Students shall register their vehicles upon bringing the vehicle to campus.
    b. Employees shall register their vehicles within one (1) week of their employment.
    c. Any person who acquires another or a replacement vehicle shall register said vehicle within 24 hours of bringing it onto campus.
    d. Students and employees may only register a vehicle that is owned by them or a member of their immediate families. Exceptions must be cleared through the Director of Public Safety.

Section 302

Freshman students must register their vehicles upon arrival with Public Safety. At the time of registration they will be assigned their parking privileges.

Section 303

All students classified as “commuters” must register their vehicles and only park in their assigned lots if they desire to park on Allegheny College property.

Section 304: Costs

A. Student Stickers

  1. The cost of vehicle registration during the school year is $200.00. Students are only allowed one (1) vehicle to be parked on college property.
  2. Replacement stickers are free of charge. The student will be assigned the same number as their original registration indicates.

B. Temporary/Visitors Permits
A temporary pass for one week will be issued to a student for a fee of $20.00.

C. Employee Stickers
The sticker will be issued at no charge upon employment with Allegheny College as an employee benefit.

Section 305: Insurance
Proof of ownership, operator license, liability insurance and any other pertinent information requested on the registration form is the responsibility of the individual registering said motor vehicle. Failure to provide the requested information is basis to refuse registration of any motor vehicle.

Section 306: Liability
Allegheny College assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked on or adjacent to the grounds of Allegheny College.