Article VI: Enforcement and Appeals

Section 600: Exclusions
Emergency, Physical Plant, delivery vehicles and visitors directly engaged in performance of assigned duties are excluded from parking regulations. However, said vehicles shall not be parked or operated in any manner which will constitute a safety factor.

Section 601: Visitors
Visitors will be excused by turning in their copy of the parking violation at the Public Safety Office open 24/7, or by filling out the mailer and either put it in campus mail or with the proper postage place in a U.S. Post Office mailbox.

Section 602
In all cases, the violator must bring their copy of the violation to the Public Safety Office or place the amount of the fine in the courtesy mailer and either drop it into the campus mail system or, with the proper postage, place it into a U.S. Post Office mailbox within three (3) days.

  1. An appeal form must be filled out at Public Safety within three (3) days from the time of the violation. Fines will be applied to student or employee accounts and removed if the appeal is approved by the Appeal’s Committee
  2. After three parking violations, the violator will be sent a letter to inform them that the next violation will result in the “booting” of their vehicle. In conjunction with all traffic fines, an additional “boot fine” of $50.00 will be added. Arrangements or payment of all violations, including the “boot fee” must be made prior to the boot being removed.
  3. The Traffic Appeals Board will officially meet once a semester, however if there is a considerable amount of appeals the Director will convene additional hearings.

Section 603: Prima Facie
The registration information shall be prima facie evidenced against the registered owner of the vehicle in question.

Section 604
Nothing in this set of regulations will preclude the filing of charges under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code or Pennsylvania Crimes Code.