Article 1: Authority

Section 100

The Pennsylvania Law – “Consolidated Pennsylvania Statutes” grants police powers to special officers of non-profit corporations Act 271 amending Act of November 25, 1970 (No. 230) section 501 C. Such policemen, so appointed, shall severally possess and exercise all the powers of a police officer in this Commonwealth in and upon, and in the immediate vicinity of, the property of the corporation.

Section 101

Jurisdiction for administrating all traffic, vehicle registrations, parking registrations, payment of fines, appeals and all other traffic and parking business shall be the responsibility of the Director of Public Safety and/or all members of his staff, effective January 5, 1970.

Section 102: Traffic Appeal Committee

This committee shall be composed of the following members of Allegheny College Community:

  1. Students (2)
  2. Faculty (2)
  3. Administrators (2)
  4. Staff (2)

The Director of Public Safety or the appointed representative shall be the secretary of the Appeal Committee, but shall vote only in cases of a tied decision when all members are present. All decisions of the Appeal Committee shall be final. The Director of Public Safety shall present a written report after each meeting and at the end of the school year to the members of the appeal committee.