Public Safety Staff

  • Each police officer is certified under Pennsylvania Act 120 Municipal Police Academy.
  • There are currently 9 police officers and 5 communication officers (dispatchers) operating 24/7.
  • Public Safety’s jurisdiction covers the entire Allegheny College campus including off campus activities (e.g. field trips, class meeting off campus, etc.).
  • The duties of Public Safety are to protect the Allegheny College community through preventive measures and community-oriented policing.
  • Public Safety’s priority is YOU.


James Basinger


Jayme Corey

Communications Officer

Anna Snyder

Communications Officer

Renae McElhinny

Communications Officer

Steven Dreistadt

Communications Officer

Carol Fox

Communications Officer

Marilyn Moore

Officer Manager
(814) 332-3372

Police Officers

Sgt William Merchbaker


Cpl Quentin Shevitz

3rd Shift Supervisor

Kenneth Brunot

Police Officer

Earl Cook

Police Officer

Erik Gervais

Police Officer

Jack Gladysz

Police Office

Joe Johnston

Aaron Marks

Police Officer

Daniel Stanfield

Police Officer

Victoria Zeigler

Police Officer