Public Safety Staff

  • Each police officer is certified under Pennsylvania Act 120 Municipal Police Academy.
  • There are currently 9 police officers and 4 communication officers (dispatchers) operating 24/7.
  • Public Safety’s jurisdiction covers the entire Allegheny College campus including off campus activities (e.g. field trips, class meeting off campus, etc.).
  • The duties of Public Safety are to protect the Allegheny College community through preventive measures and community-oriented policing.
  • Public Safety’s priority is YOU.

Police Officers

Gerard Bey

Police Officer

Wyatt Helmbreck

Police Officer

Cpl. Amanda Kosterman

Corporal/2nd Shift Supervisor

Courtney Lick

Police Officer

Wayne Lynn

Police Officer

Cpl. William Doug Merchbaker

Corporal/3rd Shift Supervisor

Benjamin Rogers

Police Officer

Sgt. Robert Wright


Dispatchers and Other Areas

Jameson Corey

Communications Officer

Renae McElhinny


Marilyn Moore

Department Secretary

Anna Snyder


Pam Teasdale

Dispatcher/Photo ID